Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Review

  • The stylus is replaceable.
  • Affordable player.
  • Don’t need an amp to play vinyl audio via speakers.
  • Great aesthetics in black and silver.
  • Can’t handle percussive music.
  • Not high-end quality components.
  • Lack of high end features such as anti-skate.

Audio Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Stereo Turntable System

Audio Technica AT-LP60

In the Audio-Technica AT-LP60 you get a perfect match of old and new. It has all the class of the record players the previous generation loved. But it has modern turntable features that make it a favorite of audiophiles, musicians and music lovers.

Quality audio is thanks to an integral Dual Magnet phono cartridge and a diamond stylus.

You can enjoy both 33RPM and 45RPM records on this. To make the adjustment you use the included 45RPM adaptor. The manufacturer also provides a button for manual playing so you can place the tonearm anywhere. This means you can even play smaller vinyl records if you want.

You can play these directly to any speakers since there’s a built-in switchable pre-amp. You can connect it via RCA cables in the rear.

Depending on your preference you’ll either love or hate the automated feature. We know some professionals still love the manual models more but it’s great for listening at home so you don’t have to get up when the record is done. The one benefit is that records don’t get hurt because the tonearm is placed down gently every time.

The AT-LP60 is a belt drive model. Included in your purchase you’ll find:

  • RCA female to mini jack.
  • Dual RCA to mini female jack.
  • 45RPM speed adaptor.

The whole system can be protected by the included dust cover. It does have hinges but can also be completely removed if you prefer.

It’s quite a light player as it only weighs 0.75lb and its dimensions are 15.9” x 17.8” x 5.9”. This weight makes it ultra-portable so you can easily carry it to where you need it in the house or in your studio. So now you can review where you want to enjoy your music. It’s possible to do it anywhere.

This basic Audio Technica model does not have Bluetooth features although upgrades do. This means you must connect via cables as it’s the only way to connect to a sound system. And there’s no USB function to export the audio to your computer.


When it comes to turntables you don’t want vibrations. On this AT-LP60 player you don’t get resonance because of the high-quality aluminum platter. Thanks to it being a belt driven turntable model many of the vibrations are countered so it won’t affect the output.

Note that this Audio Technica AT-LP60 model doesn’t have its own speakers so you need to connect this to an audio system. You only need speakers since it already contains an amp which makes installation so easy.

The turntable is possibly designed for certain types of music because it doesn’t perform as well with the very percussive music. This is a complaint you’ll find in many a review. The tonearm may actually skip some louder, harsher parts. As the output of this music isn’t very clear you may find the audio rather dull depending on your music preferences.


Audio-Technica-AT-LP60For basic listening, the AT-LP60 is an excellent model especially because you don’t need additional amps to set up your sound system. Simply know it’s limited in its capabilities and definitely not a turntable for a DJ. It’s a fully automatic record player which is very handy, but not every music lover’s preference.

Is this Audio Technica a good buy? If you’re reading reviews to find one for basic listening or to get to know these devices before you invest in a more high-end design, you’ve found a winner.