Audioengine A5+ Bookshelf Speakers Review – Pleasing to The Eye and The Ear

Updated: 31 August 2018

For pleasant sounds, there are some aspects of a speaker that you are to consider. Fortunately, the Audioengine A5+ model produces admirable sounds that are pleasant to the ear.

The versatility A5+ speakers make it more reliable when compared to models of its size.

Features of the Audioengine A5+

  • Built-in Power Amplifier. They are in-built to save space and eliminate the need to connect this product to an external power amp.
  • Wireless Adapters. Wireless solutions for a variety of applications are offered by the speaker. You can easily transmit audio from your smartphone or computer without affecting the sound quality u Silk dome tweeters – produces high range frequency by translating the electrical signals into physical vibrations. These tweeters prevent the amplifier from producing a rattling sound.
  • USB Charging Port and Remote Control. Supplies power to source devices and helps regulate the volume of the custom Kevlar woofers respectively.
  • Custom Kevlar woofers. The product is wired to produce real bass that sounds nearly to an originally-recorded music.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy Setup. Set it up by plugging the left speaker into an AC outlet and then connect the wire of the same speaker from the left one to the right. It is among the bookshelf speakers that occupy very minimal space.
  • Versatility. This option can perform several functions at the same time. These include; charging external devices via the USB power port at the back, connecting the device to a computer’s headphones or even pairing it with a USB so as to get a high quality of sound
  • Compatibility. The model is compatible with any type of computer including Mac and PC u Bookshelf speakers – They occupy minimal space as they are to be placed on a shelf, tables or any other elevated surfaces.
  • Cost Effective. The bookshelf speakers are cheap and affordable when considering all the features and advantages offered by this option. There is a fair balance between the quality of the speaker vs its price.

From consumer reports, one downside noted on these devices is the tiny notch on the dials that are used to make adjustments. These notches may not be seen easily hence causing a strain to the user.

However, after using the speaker for 1 month, the user will be able to easily locate and use these dials.


The bookshelf speakers are articulate and affordable of their size. They do not produce rattling sound in your house or office. Instead, they help bring out clarity on the lines of any sound.

From previous consumer reports, this product has received several positive testimonies and therefore highly ranked.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Tycoop admits that “After trying 2 different models to help improve the sound quality of my audio system in my home office, I settled on the Audioengine 5+. As I had hoped, the 5+ does a better job than any other speaker. It is a clear reproduction of my music throughout the sound range”

What are you still waiting for? Purchase 5+ and be among the multitude giving a review.