Behringer MS40 Bookshelf Speakers Review – Ideal in All Respects

Updated: 03 September 2018

The Behringer MS40 Bookshelf Speakers are worthy electronic devices for a number of situations. You will find it valuable for multimedia and audio workstations, computer studios and even computer monitoring.

But what makes the MS40 great speakers a great investment? First, it will bring a whole new level of enjoyment of listening experience each day for years.

Second, the unit has a unique and quality build only seen with the luxurious, high-end bookshelf speakers. Such a level of performance is a function of the many great features and ease of use controls.

Features of the Behringer MS40

  • Powerful Amplifiers. The audio quality of any speaker depends on its amplifier. The MS40 is fitted with two built-in 20 Watt (40watt) powerful amplifiers with gigantic headroom.
  • Great Woofers and Tweeters. Apart from the powerful amplifiers, these speakers feature high-resolution tweeters as well as powerful woofers. These features guarantee high-quality listening experience by providing ultra-linear frequency response. The 24-bit/192 kHz D/A converters offer an awesome dynamic range.
  • Excellent Connectivity. The MS40 boasts of unmatched connectivity. These include stereo 1/8quot; and RCA jacks which you can use either simultaneously or mix with other digital stereo sources. All digital duties are controlled by either TOSLINK sockets or RCA. Hook up is extremely simple.On the front panel, you get easy access to individual volume controls for line inputs plus bass as well as treble EQ controls. There is also a  4-inch headphone jack on the front panel.

The jack mutes the internal speakers automatically.

  • Built-In Mixer. This audio king offer incredibly great audio thanks to its multiple input options. Its built-in mixer offers 1/8quot; a stereo input for connecting MP3/MD/CD players and duo-RCA jacks for stereo keyboard and tape desk modules. There are even TOSLINK and RCA connectors for sources that are digital in origin. The coaxial and optical input is by S/PDIF interface.

Pros & Cons

  • Versatile Speakers. This unit is a versatile centerpiece you can use with both digital as well as analog signals.
  • Incredible Audio Quality. Optimized to deliver ultra-linear frequency response and immense dynamic range.
  • Easy To Use. Primly situated front panel with controls is easily accessible and has all the controls you need to enjoy an entertaining listening experience. The auto-mute loudspeaker function is ingenious.
  • Safe to Use near Computers. The MS40 bookshelf speakers are magnetically shielded for safe placement in proximity to computer monitors.
  • Durable Construction. High-quality design materials and excellent rugged construction guarantees long life.

Generally, this model is a high-quality product. Many customers are happy with the performance and solid construction of these bookshelf speakers. The only drawback expressed by some customers is the lack of balance controls. Regardless of this lack, the sound quality is still exceptional.


It is no secret from this review that you will be making a great investment if you choose to buy it. These speakers are ideal in case you wish to spend a lot of time in front of your computers especially if the music is your passion.

Not only will you listen to great quality music, you will also find it extremely easy to use.

Here are some customer reviews:

“The MS40 model offers excellent performance especially in the environment of classroom thanks to the awesome dual volume/input control.” M.S. Chase.

“These speakers are amazing for near-field monitors for studios. I was tempted to go with the bigger size, but these are ones are just great for a limited job environment. They still deliver a wonderful audio and response.” Amazon Customer.

“Awesome audio! The bass is quite tight and just the very performance you should expect from such a small subwoofer. There are numerous options for input.” David.