The Best Cheap Bookshelf Speakers under $100


Our Top 3 Picks

Edifier R1280T


We love these good inexpensive speakers because they’re powered, making it possible to play audio even if you don’t have an amplifier on hand. And of course, the brown wood finish looks great, bringing style to your living room or studio.

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Micca MB42X


These sleek black units are some of the best top-rated budget speakers because of the top of the range components, such as the crossover. It provides a remarkable difference in clarity, so even for $100 you can enjoy distinctive sounds of all frequencies.

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Polk Audio T15


They’re of a basic design but deserve a spot on this list of best cheap bookshelf speakers under $100. This is because of the quality components inside especially the level of bass produced by the driver and port. Now you can enjoy your low frequencies without breaking the bank with these stereo speakers.

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Top Rated Budget Bookshelf Speakers Under $100

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Yes, you can have exceptional powered speakers even if you’re paying less than 100 dollars. With Edifier’s R1280T set your amplifiers are built in so you can play audio from any device by simply connecting them. And this model offers you two Aux inputs so you can keep your favorite devices plugged in at all times. The speakers will even play audio from both of them.

Other features you’ll love include:

  • Exceptional wood finish to enhance your room’s aesthetics
  • A remote control and knobs to manage treble & bass
  • A 4” and a 13mm driver will provide excellent sound

All of this you’ll find in a 9.45” x 6.89” x 5.71” enclosure. This easily fits on any bookcase shelf.


Can you flip their positions, or will this affect the stereo audio?
Yes you can change their positions; just remember to change the RCA cables accordingly. This is handy if you need to customize the layout of your equipment or the power outlet’s position in the room dictates where they should stand.

Can you pick one of two devices’ audio to be played?
No. The units will play whichever audio is sent to them simultaneously and you can’t stop a connected source from being played. You need to mute the device or stop that audio track on the device.

Micca MB42X for Music

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers With 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer

The Micca brand succeeded in placing many top of the range items into one affordable audiophile speakers. Now anyone can enjoy quality audio with these speakers for music.

Some features that create Micca MB42X audio are:

  • The silk dome tweeter that produces high frequencies and manages treble well
  • Bass is pumped through a woven carbon fiber woofer
  • The crossover that manages these two drivers’ sounds
  • The enclosure’s port that minimizes distortion

Thanks to this you can enjoy a frequency range of 60Hz—20kHz.

For small speakers (9.5” x 5.8”x 6.5”) they handle quite a lot of power, as each can accept up to 75W from the amplifier without getting damaged.


How far from the wall should these speakers be placed?
Because of the port at the back you need to position them at least 3” from the wall of the back of a bookcase. If you don’t the audio will be boomy and distorted, affecting the bass experience.

Do you have to turn the volume down before switching the units off?
This is not necessary. You may be used to ‘speaker pop’ in lower end models, but this model’s electronic relay prevents any damage to the speakers. Leave the volume at the setting you prefer so you can easily continue using them like this the next day.

Polk Audio T15 Home Stereo Speakers

03. Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers

It’s a simple design and inside you find a simple answer to your audio requirements: The Dynamic Balance drivers and tweeters (this is exclusive to this brand) ensure your audio doesn’t distort. And don’t forget the front port which will optimize the bass notes.

This provides a frequency range of 60Hz—24kHz.

Your units will also last long while always producing optimum sound thanks to the rubber surrounds. This protects against shocks, wear and tear.

Even the enclosure is shielded magnetically, not for the protection of the speaker, but so that you can place it near a TV without it affecting the images.

See Pros & Cons of these Bookshelf Speakers: Polk Audio T15 Full Review


Can you use these in a 5.1 setup for your home entertainment system?
Yes, you can keep to this brand or even mix them with others. They’re most appropriate to use as rear speakers, but wherever you place them they can handle all frequencies (highs, mids and bass). If you do need front speakers, these will hold their own with most other brands, thought you may see you need to add a subwoofer.

Do the ports make unwanted noise?
The units don’t deliver port noise on their own, but remember to place them at a distance from a wall to prevent this from happening.

Best Budget Model: Mackie CR Series CR3

Mackie CR3 CR Series 3

Do you want your home speakers to match your attitude? Then the neon green finishes on these units will catch your attention.

This design is all about making it user-friendly as the speakers come with a placement switch. You can decide how they’re arranged on your desk (which one goes left and right) and simply flip the switch accordingly to enjoy the clear stereo sound.

You also get to manage power and volume on the front panel & is given a port to plug in mini jacks.

How well do they sound? You get a frequency response of 80Hz—20kHz. It’s not the best one mentioned in these reviews, but still adequate for most applications.


Can you add a subwoofer to the system?
Yes you can and you can even mix different brands if needed. This may require some management via your computer software, but it’s totally doable as long as your computer has an audio output or two. Two is better, but a simple converter can turn one into two.

Can the volume knob also be used as an on or off switch?
Yes. This means you can leave the knob at the back switched on and simply turn up the volume knob when it’s ready to work or listen to some music.

Sound Appeal 6.5” Audiophile Speakers

Sound Appeal 6-5-Inch Bookshelf Speakers

Thanks to good quality parts these low cost HiFi speakers create quality sound across the board with an amazing frequency range of 45Hz—22kHz. That’s one of the best high-quality speakers under $100 mentioned in these reviews of low end speakers.

And don’t think they’ll look cheap. The exteriors look like stunning polished wood, all black and impressive. Their power capabilities are impressive too, rated at 80W RMS.

And they’re quite practical at only 7.75” x 7.5” x 12”. These dimensions easily fit into a book case. Even the weight is impressive at only 6lb, so it won’t put strain on mounting brackets.


How well can a cheap speaker’s sound quality really be?
The quality components used ensure the bass won’t be boomy although powerful. At the same time, high frequencies are quite clear and precise. Make a crossover part of your setup for even better clarity if necessary.

Should you opt for magnetically shielded speakers rather?
While these speakers aren’t shielded it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying them. If you’re placing these speakers near a modern TV or PC there won’t be interference since most new models can withstand it.

Sanyun SW350 HiFi Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Sanyun SW350 HiFi Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

These are some of the tallest speakers (12.8” high) among these reviews, but sacrificing a little space may be worth it. Where else would you get not two, but three drivers?

  • 3” woofer
  • 2.5” mid range driver
  • 2” tweeter

They work together to deliver an astonishing frequency range of 30Hz—20kHz. You won’t easily find low sounds of this quality in this price range.

Sanyun also makes it easy to enjoy your favorite music because any Bluetooth enabled device can be connected to the speakers. This includes Windows, Android and iOS products.

They’re remarkably light (only 2.2lb each), so they’re easy to transport. If you’re worried about the tall units toppling over, some tape keeping them fixed to your bookshelf surface could give you peace of mind.

Note that they’re not really powerful, as they only handle 30W each.


What connectivity options do you have?
While Bluetooth is comfortable to use, the Aux in is reliable and a practical solution if you need to connect older—not Bluetooth enabled—Wi-Fi gear.

What is the warranty period on this?
Note that you only get a 12 month warranty. This is shorter than some others, but after all, you’re paying inexpensive prices so you can’t expect the best quality on the market.

Is it Worth Buying Inexpensive Shelf Loudspeakers under 100 dollars?
So is it even worth considering these low budget options?


Of course, you’re not getting the best quality and features in the market for this low price range. Somewhere the brands save money to provide you with a decent unit at a price you’ll be willing to pay.

It’s worth considering these because brands keep surprising us by giving features of value priced at low cost.

Firstly you’ll find both passive and active units, so don’t think your options will be limited. Perhaps you’ll even find USB powered ones. With today’s technology, the options are limitless.

How else will you find a good speaker with an impressive crossover on this list? Brands may cut down on design expense and make them aesthetically striking, instead settling for basic concepts for vinyl covering. But inside you’ll find top-notch technology. Why? Because the market wants you to fall in love with good sound so you’ll be open to deals of other products in future.

Are you ready to be enthralled?