TOP 10 Best Projectors under $200


Our Top 3 Picks

DBPOWER T21 Home Theater Projector

DBPOWER-T21-Mini-Projector-Lumens-Upgrade-Multimedia-Home-Theater-Video-ProjectorThe DBPOWER T21 is the perfect affordable projector if you’re looking for a way to watch movies and Netflix series on a big screen. The offered picture is bright and crisp, and the innovative LED technology doesn’t strain your eyes. Moreover, the device runs very quietly, allowing for full immersion.

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GooBang Doo Multimedia Video Projector

GooBang-Doo-Multimedia-Home-Theater-Video-ProjectorThe ABOX T22 is a top class projector in its price range because of the bright picture it offers. It can be used even in moderately lit rooms without a loss in picture quality. This model is ideal for outdoor viewing and sports games!

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DBPOWER T20: 1800 Lumens Projector

DBPOWER-T20-LCD-Mini-Projector-Brighter-Projection-Multimedia-Home-Theater-Video-ProjectorThe DBPOWER T20 is a great budget projector for your basic home theater needs. It can be used for watching TV shows, concerts, or gaming. This model offers a nice screen size, true-to-life colors, and solid inner speakers. The included keystone allows you to adjust the projection according to your screen placement.

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Top-Rated Projectors Under $200

Best Pick Under $200: DBPOWER T21 Home Theater Projector

DBPOWER T21 Mini Projector Lumens Upgrade Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector

The DBPOWER T21 is a fantastic solution for anyone who is looking for a cheap home theater projector. It offers a brighter and clearer picture than other models. The device has a native resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and includes a keystone feature.

The recommended screen size for this model is 130”. It should be enough for most basic needs. Moreover, the maximum size is 175”. This makes the DBPOWER T21 great for outdoor purposes that involve dozens of viewers.

You can connect the projector to a TV box, PC, or DVD player. As a bonus, you can attach your phone or tablet with a USB cable instead of an HDMI adapter which is much more efficient.

Why we like it

The DBPOWER T21 offers a clean, focused picture and supports input devices with an up to 1920 x 1080 resolution. It’s perfect for watching Youtube videos, movies, and gaming.

  • Easy video streaming from your phone;
  • Includes a keystone correction function;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Elegant, minimalistic unit design.
  • Requires a completely dark room to show bright, vibrant colors.


Does the device feature a horizontal keystone?
No, you can only adjust the projection vertically.

Can this model be used for business presentations?
This projector is primarily designed to display photos and video footage.

Can I use my phone to stream Netflix?
No, you have to employ a fire stick for this purpose.

GooBang Doo Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector

GooBang Doo Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector

GooBand Doo’s ABOX T22 is one of the best projectors under $200 if you’re planning on using it during the day or in slightly lit locations. It includes 2400 Lumens, which is superior to other similar models. The 2000 to 1 contrast ratio allows the device to offer a crisp image with strong colors.

The projector can be paired with all kinds of TVs, computers, laptops, and DVD players. The native resolution of this model is 800 x 480 pixels. This is the industry standard for its price range. The included lamp can serve you for nearly 50,000 hours. This means you can watch two movies per day for years without needing a replacement.

Why we like it

This projector offers a very bright picture. It’s perfect for watching sports games live, as they aren’t always held at night. The maximum screen size of 176” makes the ABOX T22 suitable for a large number of people.

  • Compatible with most modern devices;
  • Higher Lumens rating than in similar cheap projectors;
  • The remote control makes it very easy to use;
  • Cool futuristic design.
  • The internal fan is rather loud.


Can I use this projector during the day?
You can, but the video will be quite dim in a well-lit room.

Can I attach this device to the ceiling?
Yes, there’s a screw hole placed at the back of the gadget for this purpose.

Does this gadget support rear projection?
Yes, you can change the projection mode and invert the screen.

DBPOWER T20: 1800 Lumens Projector Under $150

DBPOWER T20 LCD Mini Projector Brighter Projection Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector

The DBPOWER T20 is a solid video projector that offers a sharp, eye-pleasing image. It’s perfect for watching movies on Saturday night with your family. Moreover, the provided 1800 Lumen make the device suitable for outdoor parties.

The recommended viewing distance for the DBPOWER T20 is 2 meters. This puts the screen size at 120”, which is far more than even a big TV set. Also, the projection isn’t harming your eyes like digital screens.

Why we like it

The DBPOWER T20 is the cheapest option in this review with an under 150$ price tag. It offers the full functionality of a home theater and a good screen resolution. On top of that, it can be connected to iOS and Android devices for video streaming purposes.

  • Solid image colors for its price;
  • Includes a keystone feature;
  • Broad viewing range (1.5 to 5 meters);
  • The fan runs quietly and keeps the device cool;
  • The built-in speaker could be better.


Can I use a WiFi connection with this device?
No, the DBPOWER T20 isn’t compatible with Bluetooth and WiFi technologies. You can only use the included HDMI cord.

Can I use this projector without a screen?
Yes, a white wall should work just fine as long as the room is dark.

Is the projector compatible with smartphones?
Yes, as long as you use a wireless HDMI connector.

RAGU Z720 Portable HD Projector

Ragu Z720 1080P HD Home Video Projector

This compact projector will allow you to turn your room into a full-blown home entertainment center. It includes a 3200 Lumens lamp that will last for over 30,000 hours. This means the RAGU Z720 can serve you for dozens of years. The 720p resolution is also a step up from most similar options.

The projector can be mounted onto the ceiling to save space and provide a better angle. The ideal screen size is 150”. This should be more than enough to enjoy movies with your spouse and kids. Moreover, the device’s built-in speaker is of high quality. You don’t need to buy an external sound device to enjoy a movie in the comfort of your home.

Why we like it

The RAGU Z720 is an affordable HD projector with an amazing native resolution of 720p. It supports 1080p input devices and comes with several USB and HDMI ports. It’s a great TV replacement and can be used for gaming with a PS4 or Xbox console and gaming.

  • Possesses a 720p native resolution;
  • Good built-in speaker;
  • Set includes VGA, HDMI, and AV cables;
  • 3200 Lumens rating allows for a bright image.
  • The color tones are a bit off.


How large is this unit?
The projector is 15 x 10 x 6.3 inches big.

What is the contrast ratio of this device?
The contrast ratio of the RAGU Z720 is 1500:01.

How bright is the provided picture in daylight?
It becomes rather dim but can still be used in moderately lit rooms.

ERISAN Bluetooth Mini Projector

ERISAN Multimedia Mini Pro Portable LED Projector For Home

The ERISAN is a popular top-rated projector under 200 dollars for people who love their Hulu and Netflix shows. This model runs on an Android OS. This means you can connect your tablet or smartphone to the projector wirelessly.

The ERISAN offers strong, lifelike colors and powerful inner speakers. The projector has a hande settings menu that allows you to adjust the picture according to your tastes. You can even choose between two aspect ratios (4:3 and 16:9).

Why we like it

This projector has impressed with how it caters to the tastes of the Youtube – and Netflix-obsessed generation. It allows you to watch your favorite shows and content creators on a truly big screen. Moreover, you can do so while enjoying crisp colors and a nice sound.

  • Works with all the modern streaming services and video hosts;
  • Operates on an Android OS;
  • High-quality built-in speakers;
  • Offers wireless connection for your phone or tablet.
  • The included remote control only works from a short distance.


Can I use a bed sheet instead of a special screen?
If you stretch it out efficiently, then the image quality should be good enough.

How can I watch Youtube or Netflix videos on the projector?
The manufacturer has pre-installed all the required apps on the device, so you just need a WiFi connection.

What is the recommended projection distance?
The best quality image is received at about 7.5 feet (80” screen).

Abdtech Movie Projector with 2600 Lumens – Ideal for Gaming

AbdTech LCD Portable Projector Home Movie Theater Projector

This portable device is the perfect cheap projector for gaming. It offers HD picture quality on an up to 120” screen. This means you can enjoy your favorite console titles with your friends and family.
The projector is very lightweight and can be easily taken with you outdoors. This device is also paired with an efficient cooling system that doesn’t make much noise. The 2600 Lumens rating provides a bright image and nice color tones.

The Abdtech can be connected to Android and iOS devices with a Chromecast. Alternatively, if you want to use the projector instead of your TV, you can employ the included HDMI cable.

Why we like it

This budget device is the dream of any gamer who wants to elevate their enjoyment to a new level. The large screen size and solid colors allow you to immerse yourself in the experience fully.

  • Easy to set up and start using;
  • Cooling fan runs quietly;
  • 2600 Lumens count;
  • Can be operated with a handy remote;
  • The built-in speaker isn’t powerful enough for a large room.


Can I connect a PS4 to this projector?
Yes, you can hook up any modern gaming consoles to the projector.

What does the 120” size mean? Is it width or height?
This measurement reflects the screen’s size from the top right corner to the bottom left corner.

How long is the device’s cord?
The cord’s length stands at 4.9 meters.

Ohderii Projector 1080P HD – Great for Outdoor

Ohderii Projector 3200ANSI Luminous Efficiency Multimedia Home Theater Projectors

If you’re looking for a gigantic screen, Ohderii is one of the best outdoor projectors under $200. It’s ideal for watching movies or sports games with a bunch of friends. The device also supports various audio and image formats and can be used for presentations.

The Ohderii has a native resolution of 720p and is supported by 3200 Lumens to offer a bright picture. It’s easily connectable to DVD players as well as laptops and PCs. The unit’s construction allows you to use front, rear, and ceiling projection. If you want to improve the audio quality, you can plug in an external speaker into the 3.5 mm port.

Why we like it

The Ohderii is a powerful 1080p projector that offers a huge screen and ripe colors. It can be used for enjoying sports games with your friends or hosting movie-viewing parties in the backyard.

  • Impressive contrast ratio (3000:1);
  • Can be connected to most high-tech devices;
  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability;
  • Unparalleled maximum screen size of 280”;
  • Two color options available.
  • Offers a minimal amount of features.


Does this model come with a remote control?
No, you have to operate the projector manually.

Can I use this device for a PowerPoint presentation?
Yes, as long as it’s connected to a laptop.

I want to use it for an outdoor party. Will the internal speakers be loud enough?
External speakers are highly recommended for a high-quality outdoor viewing session.

GBTIGER Home Projector

GBTIGER 4000 Lumens 200Full HD Multimedia LCD Projector Home

The GBTIGER is a good mini projector in the under $200 price range. Its functionality supports watching movies and football games in high quality. The model has a native 1280 x 800 pixels resolution. It supports a projection distance between 1.5 and 5 meters, with the max screen size of 160”.

This projector has a 4000 Lumens lamp, which makes it one of the brightest options on the market. The GBTIGER also has a broad range of inputs. You can even attach a headset to it to avoid distracting anyone in the room while you’re gaming.

Why we like it

The GBTIGER is a fantastic cheap projector for anyone who’s into sports and video games. The presented picture is bright enough to be used even during the day. This means you can watch your favorite shows and live events as they’re unfolding.

  • Can be used with nearly all modern gadgets;
  • Good resolution for its price range;
  • The picture is adequately bright even in daylight;
  • Easy to use remote control.
  • The picture isn’t manually adjustable, so you have to choose one of the included presets.


Is this model suitable for PP presentations?
Yes, the offered brightness is sufficient for a high-quality presentation.

Is the projector compatible with an Amazon fire stick?
Yes, you can connect it with the help of the included HDMI cable.

What do I need to stream videos and pictures from my phone?
You need an HDMI-compatible micro USB output or wireless connector.

Smart Pico WiFi Projector with 1500 Lumen LED

EUG Portable Smart Pico WiFi Projector Wireless

The Smart Pico is a fantastic mini projector that supports the WiFi technology. The device also includes a built-in OS that offers you lots of space for hosting the necessary apps and a couple of games. The implemented CPU processes the data extremely fast, providing a fluid experience.

The projector’s lamp has only a 1500 Lumens rating, which is less than a lot of items in this review. However, the offered picture is solid if you use it in a dark room.

You can use the Smart Pico for watching movies, playing Game Cube games, art projects, and other purposes. It’s compatible with a broad range of resolution input types including 1080p, 720p, 1080i, 576i, etc.

Why we like it

This top-rated affordable projector is perfect for you if you’re mainly planning to stream videos from your smartphone or tablet. The Smart Pico is very easy to use and offers a crisp picture in the right conditions.

  • Supports wireless connection;
  • Comes with an Android OS that has 1GB of RAM;
  • Offers a broad range of supported video, audio, and image formats;
  • The small size of the unit offers excellent portability.
  • Built-in speakers are rather quiet.


Can I connect my iPhone to the projector via Bluetooth?
No, but you can stream wirelessly using a WiFi hotspot.

Does this projector support 3D effects?
Yes, this model includes an Active 3D feature.

Is this projector suitable for showing business presentations?
No, as the displayed text won’t be clear enough to read.

ELEPHAS High Brightness LCD Business Projector Good for Office

ELEPHAS 1080P HD LED Movie Projector

The ELEPHAS CL760 is a beautifully designed compact projector offered at an unbelievably low price. It’s perfect both for movie nights with your family and office presentations. The device offers a maximum 180” screen (with the recommended size being 130”). It’s also bright enough to be used even in broad daylight. Just make sure that the screen isn’t in direct sunlight.

This projector includes a powerful stereo speaker. It will allow you to enjoy your videos without spending extra money on an external audio system. Moreover, the ELEPHAS CL760 employs a state-of-the-art cooling system. The fan runs very quietly and is no louder than a high-end laptop.

Why we like it

We were impressed by the crisp colors offered by the ELEPHAS CL760. The high contrast ratio (2000:1) allows you to watch sports games and movies in high-quality and a solid 1280 x 800 resolution.

  • Strong built-in speaker;
  • Sharp and crisp colors;
  • Offers a better keystone feature (+-20o);
  • Cool, moon-shaped unit.
  • Keystone lacks a horizontal adjustment feature.


Can I connect my Galaxy phone to this projector?
Yes, if your model has an MHL function.

Is this model compatible with MacBook Air?
Yes, you can employ a wireless HDMI connector to attach it to the projector.

Does this device support ceiling projection?
Yes, you can attach it with help of the 4 screw holes included at the bottom of the unit.

Things to Consider Before Buying a $200 Projector?

Choosing the best budget projector is a complicated task. You have to factor in a lot of aspects before you can be sure that your device won’t fall flat in any of the crucial areas. When making your decision, pay attention to the following characteristics:

Portability. A great home projector should be compact. This way, you can use it in your bedroom, outdoors, or take the device with you on a trip or to the office.

Brightness. If your projector can’t supply you with sufficient light output, then the received picture will look dim and boring. You can find out how bright the image will be by checking out the Lumens rating of any specific model.

Contrast. The contrast ratio of a projector is one of its most important characteristics. It affects the clarity and crispness of the received colors.

Resolution. If you plan to use the projector with your phone or DVD player, then a 1024 x 758 pixel density is perfect. In case you want to use HDTV, then you have to make sure that the device supports higher inputs as well.

Compatibility. A projector is useless if you can’t use it with your favorite device. Thankfully, most budget high-quality portable projectors are compatible with TVs, DVD players, computers, laptops, fire sticks, smartphones, and tablets.

Aspect ratio. This characteristic represents the shape of the projected picture and depends on your input device. Ideally, you should purchase a projector that supports both 4:3 and 16:9 ratios.


The quality of budget home projectors has significantly improved in the recent years. As evident from this review, for just under $200, you can get quite a decent device that offers a bright, crisp image, broad functionality, and an impressive screen size!