7 Best Cheap Soundbars under $100 – Quality Sound at Affordable Price


Our Top 3 Picks

Meidong 2.1 TV Sound Bar

Sound-Bar-Upgraded-Meidong-2-1-Channel-SoundbarsExperience incredible surround sound with this sleek, inexpensive & sophisticated device. Connect wirelessly to be part of the action even without those bothersome cords. It’s a perfect addition to any 40” or larger TV. You can easily mount it to the wall. The special clear voice mode makes this Sound Bar even more attractive & it comes at a price that’ll suit your budget.

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AwesomeWare Bluetooth Soundbar

AwesomeWare---Sound-BarIt is top-rated budget soundbar. The unique 29.5” smooth appearance design offers you wired and wireless connection. Enjoy decent sound quality each and every time. It’s sure to add value to your home system at a cheap price to boot. The designers put special thought into making it easy to operate and control.

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TaoTronics Wired Sound Bar

TaoTronics-Sound-Bar-Wired-and-Wireless-BluetoothThis 34-inch channel audio will not only offer you top quality speakers and sound for the money you’ll pay but it’ll also add a modern high tech touch to your home with the robust design. What we love even more about this Sound Bar is the fact that you can connect it to both modern and traditional devices thanks to Bluetooth.

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Top-Rated Inexpensive Soundbars under 100 dollars

Top Budget Model under $100: Meidong 2.1 TV Sound Bar

Sound Bar Upgraded Meidong 2-1 Channel Soundbars for TV 40 Watt

This economical sound bar consists of two subwoofer speakers with features such as special clear voice mode that brings dialogue and narration to the forefront, giving you extra unmistakable sound.

You can enjoy true sound with only 1% total harmonic distortion and 100dB of power. This is more than you could ask for from a good soundbar under $100.

Loose the wires and listen to your music with just one press of a button. Work the Bluetooth System with the remote or with button control on your 2.1 soundbar.

Why we like it

We Love the look of this soundbar. Simple yet sleek & it will fit into any home.

  • Clear sound
  • Easy to set up
  • Remote or button control
  • Very affordable for a 100db powered soundbar
  • There’s no volume indicator
  • It often picks up external Bluetooth devices such as your phone


Does the soundbar have a strong bass?
Yes, the bass is deep with overall good sound quality & value.

Can the soundbar support a wall mounted design?
Yes, the soundbar is specifically designed to offer you different placement options.

AwesomeWare Bluetooth Soundbar: Wired and Wireless Connection

AwesomeWare - Sound Bar Bluetooth Soundbar Audio TV Speaker

Improve the quality of your sound while watching movies or listening to music with this 2.0 home theater sound system. It offers you different Modes to fit different requirements:

  • Bluetooth pairing Mode.
  • Line in Mode.
  • USB Mode.

The 29.5” design has a smooth appearance with a Rubber Antiskid safety stand. The best part about this sound bar must be the simple and effortless operation.

Why we like it

This sound system enhances your TV sound with excellent voice clarity.

  • Wireless connection
  • Good sound quality
  • Easy to install
  • Buttons of remote will carry out incorrect functions
  • The customer care department takes a long time to come back with answers
  • There’s no option to wall mount


What’s the Bluetooth range on this device?
More or less 10m but it depends on wall thickness etc. It works perfectly when there’s no obstruction in the way.

Can you use a universal remote with the soundbar?
No, but these Bluetooth soundbars come with a custom remote.

TaoTronics Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth

TaoTronics Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth

Turn your home into a theatre with four full range speaker units and two passive radiators. The state of the art design makes it fit right into your style and decor. Easily connect to almost any device whether wireless or wired.

Enjoy pure sound on this 34” device. It’s quite an impressive device for a low price of under $70 making it an inexpensive investment.

Why we like it

The very modern design with metallic detail gives that extra touch to your interior décor.

  • Can be wall mounted
  • Lightweight
  • Decent quality
  • Great sound
  • No visual volume indicator
  • No remote-control battery included
  • Bluetooth connection gets lost if you move the device 5-10 feet away


Can it connect to more than one device simultaneously via Bluetooth?
Yes, it can connect to two devices at once.

Does it have a touch control option or can you only operate it via the remote?
The TaoTronics offer dual operation mode, so you have the option of remote or touch control.

ELEGIANT Small Computer Sound Bar

ELEGIANT USB Powered Sound Bar Speakers for Computer

This low cost computer soundbar will cost you under $50 which is a true bargain. It’s small and compact with dimensions of 15.7 x 2.4 x 2.2 inches. It works great as PC speakers or with smaller devices. Great for music enjoyment, playing games or watching movies.

You can use it with your TV as long as you have a 3.5mm output cable.

No plugs or batteries are needed. Just plug it into your USB port and you’re set to go. If you’re looking for an affordable, versatile device this will be one of your best options.

Why we like it

It’s a nice touch to your PC system for extra sound, especially when you’re playing games or listening to music. It’s also more compact than other soundbars making it the perfect size for smaller surfaces without cluttering up the area.

  • Excellent sound for PC
  • Easy setup
  • Very affordable
  • Not the best sound for all TV systems


What are the three cables for?

  1. The USB cable – for power
  2. Pink cable – for the mic
  3. Green cable – for headphone

VIZIO SB2920 – C6: Good for 32 Inch TV

VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch 2-0 Channel Sound Bar

This low price wireless soundbar works best with a 30 inch – 32 inch TV. Fill the room with 95db of clear, undistorted sound. Stream audio from your mobile devices with built in Bluetooth.

DTS TruVolume allows you to enjoy a consistent volume level. You only need to set the volume once.

DTS TruSurround offers a realistic surround sound experience.

Two powerful full range speakers boost audio and deliver clear surround sound. VIZIO Sound Bars utilize DTS audio technologies delivering multi-channel audio for top sound quality.

Why we like it

DTS Truvolume & Trusound make the world of difference to sound quality. This device offers spectacular, clear sound.

  • Compact size
  • Plain design to easily fit in anywhere
  • Takes some time to setup


Does it come with an optical cable?
Yes, your package will include an optical cable.

Why does the soundbar automatically switch off when it doesn’t receive any audio signal?
This is an automatic default feature and can easily be switched off with the Rmt setting.

LuguLake Soundbar Speaker System with Subwoofer

LuguLake Bluetooth TV Soundbar Speaker System with Subwoofer

Connect your multimedia devices to this soundbar with subwoofer and enjoy the 3D surround sound system with DTS digital decoding.

We love the 5 color LED lights that add to your experience & create some atmosphere. This device has two parts that come together beautifully to give you the ultimate experience:

  • Wood Subwoofer: Delivers a heavy low frequency bass effect with a 3D surround sound processor.
  • Soundbar Recombination: Twist to split the detachable soundbar apart to turn it into two short satellite speakers or use it as one long TV bar.

Control your sound with the remote control whilst relaxing on the sofa.

Why we like it

This sound system makes us very excited for two reasons:

  • You can turn your long TV bar into two shorter satellite speakers.
  • LED lights fill the room with 5 colors for your visual enjoyment.
  • Wonderful sound clarity
  • Included wood subwoofer
  • Easy setup
  • Connectivity such as optic cables not included


Could you connect more speakers for extra surround sound?
It’s not advisable to try this as you can damage your system and shouldn’t really be necessary as you already have your woofer and satellite speakers for great sounding surround sound.

VIZIO SB3820-C6 38-Inch

VIZIO SB3820-C6 38-Inch 2-0 Channel Sound Bar

You’ll be blown away with 100db of clear sound. You don’t have to worry about getting an external subwoofer as Deep Bass Modules will provide you with all you need.

This affordable soundbar is perfectly sized to use with small to medium sized TV’s. Plug it into your HDMI cable and listen to enhanced audio definition & dramatic dimension to soundtracks with Dolby Digital surround sound.

DTS TruSound & DTS TruVolume let you enjoy realistic surround sound at consistent volume.

Why we like it

This soundbar comes with premium audio technology including Dolby Digital, the audio standard for cinemas and Blue-ray.

  • Terrific value for money
  • Easy to setup
  • LCD display not very clear


Is there more than one way to connect the device to my TV?
Yes, there are multiple ways you can connect it to your TV such as via Optical & RCA.

Is it Worth Buying a Low-Cost Sound Bar under $100?

We all like to save a good buck if we can so undoubtedly these price tags will have you intrigued and rightfully so. But before you jump in and buy the cheapest soundbar to save some dollars, you have to look at a few aspects to avoid disappointment.

  • Don’t expect an extensive list of extra functions when you’re on a budget. So which niche should shop in this price range? If you want extra sound and you’re looking for a basic sound bar, you’ll be a happy customer. As a bonus, you’ll receive value for your money when you pick off the list above.
  • You’ll have to pay up if you want high end branded devices. Buying a well-known brand does come with some extras such as a money back guarantee etc.

However, most unknown brand names also offer some of the advantages of high end models these days. Simply make sure you compare the advantages and disadvantages:

  • You do get high-quality inexpensive soundbars that are well put together and feel sturdy, making it well worth the save. Others lack quality and you’ll be able to see this in small details such as loose buttons or slower response times. Have a look at the finer detail to find a quality product.
  • Paying the lowest price sometimes means that you’ll possibly have to put up with small irritations for instance poor guidelines for installation or having to buy extra cables that usually come standard with high end purchases.
  • Even though some affordable devices might turn out to be great initially, you do get some sound bars that will eventually not be as clear with distortions. That’s a gamble you’ll have to take if you’re not familiar with the brand. Do some research on customer reviews to help you make a final decision.
  • Designs will come pretty straight forward in this price range which mostly work well to fit into your style so from a decorative point of view you should have at least a few stylish options.
  • Be sure to get the right size soundbar for the size of your TV. You’d for instance rather get the Meidong 2.1 for your 65 inch TV whereas the ELEGIANT is one of the better small TV soundbars.

In the end, all sound bars will have more or less the same functions. If you’ve done proper research around the sound bar & brand that you’re interested in, you should be able to get a good soundbar under 100$ and get great value out of your buy.

If you’re not phased about branding or extras, you can most definitely find a device that fits right into your budget. And the best cheap soundbars under $100 are listed above. Happy shopping!