TOP 7 Best Soundbars under $200


Our Top 3 Picks

VIZIO SB3821-C6 2.1 Sound Bar with Subwoofer

VIZIO-SB3821-C6-38-Inch-2-1-Channel-Sound-BarThe VIZIO soundbar is a powerful device that allows you to enjoy movies, songs, and TV shows with high-quality sound. It can be connected wirelessly and doesn’t need a lot of space. This model is perfect if you want to have a tidy sound system.

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Sony CT290 Ultra-slim 300W Bluetooth SoundBar

Sony-CT290The Sony HTCT290 soundbar is the slimmest model in its price range. It enables you to watch TV without blocking the screen. The included subwoofer allows you to enjoy movies in home theater quality. Moreover, you can use the device to listen to music via USB or Bluetooth.

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Yamaha YAS-107BL Bar Speakers

Yamaha-YAS-107BL-Sound-BarThis model is one of the best TV-soundbar replacements in the under $200 category. It offers a clear sound, a deep bass, and takes up minimal space. Moreover, you can navigate it with your smartphone or tablet with the help of the Home Theater Controller app.

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Top-Rated Soundbars Under $200

Best Pick Under $200: VIZIO SB3821-C6 2.1 Sound Bar with Subwoofer

VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2-1 Channel Sound Bar

This soundbar offered by VIZIO ticks all the checkboxes for a good sound system. It allows you to enjoy 100 dB of clear audio with a minimum amount of distortion. The included subwoofer is excellent for creating a small surround sound system in your home.

The VIZIO soundbar employs Bluetooth technology. It means you can listen to your favorite songs without messing around with wires. The set also comes with a remote. It’s extremely useful for controlling the device without getting up from the couch.

Why we like it

We were highly impressed by the deep bass provided by this soundbar. It has a crisp sound, and the powerful subwoofer provides a genuinely immersive viewing experience.

  • Employs Dolby Digital decoding.
  • Very simple to set up and start using.
  • The set includes a useful remote control.
  • Offers the ability to stream music via Bluetooth.
  • A LED display would be a welcomed addition.


Is there an optical cable included in the kit?
Yes, there is.

Does the set include the parts necessary for attaching the soundbar to a wall?
Yes, it contains all the necessary hardware and bolts.

How big is the subwoofer?
It has a square shape (8.5” on all sides).

Sony CT290 Ultra-slim 300W Sound Bar

Sony CT290 Ultra-slim 300W Sound Bar

The Sony HTCT290 provides a satisfying home theater experience due to the S-Force Pro Surround technology. This device allows you to use your phone, laptop, or tablet to it and stream songs from them.

This model includes two primary audio modes (Voice and Night). The first one is suitable for emphasizing dialogues in TV shows or films. Meanwhile, the latter is perfect for movie nights. This audio setting will ensure that you won’t disturb your children from their sleep while still enjoying the high-quality sound.

Why we like it

The best feature of this soundbar is its size. The Sony HTCT290 is perfectly suited for low-profile stands or to be put in front of a flat-screen TV. It also provides a nice, refined sound for an ultra-slim model.

  • Offers powerful front surround sound.
  • Ability to stream music via USB.
  • Compatible with smartphones, laptops, and other devices.
  • Nice high-range sound quality.
  • The power cords for the subwoofer and soundbar are rather short.


How much do the devices included in the set weigh?
The soundbar weighs 2.3 kg, while the subwoofer stands at 6.3 kg.

Is this soundbar compatible with BT headphones?
No, you can listen to music using Bluetooth or with the help of the included USB port.

Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar

Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar with Dual Built-In Subwoofers

The Yamaha YAS-107BL allows you to significantly increase the joy you get from watching TV Series and movies. It doesn’t need a lot of space and employs inner subwoofers for providing a dynamic sound.

You can connect the YAS-107BL to your TV either with an HDMI or an optical cable. The soundbar can be operated with your phone or the included remote control.

This model comes with a unique Clear Voice feature. It allows you to hear dialogue in movies better, while the background noises are artificially faded.

Why we like it

This Yamaha bar speaker represents one of the most highly rated soundbars under $200 due to the offered audio quality. This device is compatible with all sorts of gadgets and can be controlled with a handy app.

  • Trendy unit design.
  • Includes several built-in subwoofers.
  • A smartphone app can be downloaded for controlling the device.
  • Clear Voice feature for high dialogue sound quality.
  • The remote control isn’t always responsive if you’re sitting on your couch.


Can I use this sound bar with a 49” TV?
Yes, it’s perfect for flat screen TV sets of all sizes.

Is it possible to mount this device to my bedroom wall?
Definitely, the unit has several mounting holes that make this process easy.

ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 TV Sound Bar

ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Sound Bar TV Speaker

The ZBOX AV200 is one of the best soundbars under $200 for people who are suffering from hearing ailments. It employs hearing aid technology that emphasizes human voices in movies and TV shows. This allows you to hear every word perfectly, instead of being distracted by background noises.

The AV200 is only 17” wide. You can place it in front of a TV, on a cabinet, shelf, or anywhere else you want. It’s very simple to use and can be controlled with a remote.

Why we like it

This high-quality TV soundbar has impressed us with its functionality. The implemented hearing aid technology is an innovational feature that makes the AV200 perfect for the elderly.

  • Ideally suited for individuals with hearing ailments.
  • The unit is very compact and lightweight.
  • The soundbar is very simple to set up.
  • Great for listening to dialogue in movies and shows.
  • The unit sometimes makes an annoying “ bang ” sound.


What cords are included in this set?
The package includes an optical, stereo to RCA and a standard audio (3.5 mm) cables.

If I plug in headphones into the sound bar, will it become muted?
Yes, you can enter the Headphones mode on your soundbar to mute it.

WOHOME 38-Inch Wall Mountable Surround Sound System

Wohome TV Sound Bar Wireless Bluetooth and Wired Home Theater Speaker System

The WOHOME audio system is perfectly suited for users who are looking for Bluetooth soundbars for their bedrooms. It has four built-in full range speakers and two tweeter speakers. Combined, they offer you 105 dB of power. This makes it perfect for mid- and high- range sounds.

You can connect the device with a cable or via Bluetooth. It’s compatible with RCA, optical, USB, and coaxial inputs. Another great feature of this model is the 3D mode. It improves the quality of the sound and makes the movies really come alive in your room.

Why we like it

The WOHOME surround system is awesome under $150 home theater solution. It offers a crystal-clear sound and an ample bass. This soundbar is ideal for watching movies, sports games, and music concerts in the comfort of your home.

  • Offers great value for money.
  • The 3D setting provides a nice audio quality for small rooms.
  • Can be connected either with a cord or wirelessly.
  • Has six built-in speakers.
  • The auto turn-off function can be quite irritating.


Is this soundbar capable of clarifying dialogues in movies?
This device enhances the overall quality of the sound, but it doesn’t have a separate function for clearing the dialogue.

Philips CSS2133B/F7

Philips CSS2133B-F7 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

The CSS2133B by Philips is a budget soundbar that is perfect for customers who want a minimalistic audio set-up. It offers a clear sound with almost no distortion. The device is ideally suited for watching movies and listening to music from your phone or laptop.

You can connect the soundbar wirelessly via Bluetooth. This allows you to avoid dealing with numerous cords that get in your way. The set also includes a remote for controlling the loudness and depth of the sound.

Why we like it

This device is one of the best soundbars in the under $200 price category for an authentic home theater experience. It’s very small, offers 60W of power, and can be combined with a broad range of inputs.

  • The soundbar is only 2 inches high.
  • The included subwoofer adds a surround sound effect to the set up.
  • The set can be combined with up to three other audio devices.
  • The unit is very lightweight.
  • The remote control is too tiny to be used comfortably.


Is there an optical cord included in the set?
No, you have to purchase one separately.

How can I connect the soundbar to my laptop?
All you need is a 3.5mm audio cable.

Samsung HW-M360/ZA Wireless Audio Soundbar

Samsung HW-M360-ZA 2-1 Channel 200 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar

The Samsung HW-M360 is a cool wireless soundbar that offers a 4.1 surround sound system. It allows you to enjoy TV shows, music, and movies with an ample bass and a clear audio. The inclusion of Bluetooth technology relieves you of the necessity to mess around with cords and cables.

The most impressive part of this kit is the subwoofer. It provides 130 Watts of power and can be put anywhere in your room depending on your preference. The subwoofer is especially efficient at highlighting the background music in movies and songs.

Why we like it

The best feature of this soundbar is the combined power generated by the device itself and the subwoofer. It enables you to enjoy the loudest surround sound system experience in a small room out of all models included in this review.

  • Employs a 2.1 soundbar.
  • Can be connected to your TV wirelessly.
  • Includes a 130 Watt subwoofer.
  • A digital audio cable is included in the set for older TV models.
  • Pairing the included subwoofer and soundbar takes some time.


Is the sound bar compatible with a non-smart TV set?
Yes, as long as it has an optical audio port.

Does the set include hardware necessary for mounting the device to a TV mount?
No, it only allows you to attach the soundbar to a wall.

Things to Know Before Buying a $200 Sound Bar?

Choosing a top-rated soundbar under $200 can be challenging. You have to understand that cheaper models can’t grant you a 100% authentic home theater experience. If you want that kind of quality, then you’ll have to spend more than just an extra buck. That being said, there are several aspects you have to pay attention to when making your decision:

  • Room size.

It’s a fact that an affordable sound bar can replace a high-end surround sound system only if you use it in small and mid-sized rooms.

  • Wireless connection.

Most top-rated soundbars support Bluetooth technology. It allows you to avoid using cords that clutter your room. On the other hand, if you have an older TV set, then you should purchase a wired soundbar.

  • Subwoofer.

The inclusion of a subwoofer is essential for providing a surround sound experience. You can put it wherever you want, and it increases the bass quality and the overall volume of the audio.

  • LED Display.

If your sound bar comes with a LED Display, it makes controlling your experience far easier. However, it’s quite rare for models under $200 to include this feature.

  • Remote control.

No one likes getting up from the couch to adjust the volume. That’s why most soundbars come with remotes that offer you control over the device.
Other than that, it’s highly recommended you read several customer reviews before you buy a soundbar.


Despite what some people may say, it’s completely possible to buy a good soundbar with subwoofer combo for 200 dollars. It can be a terrific replacement for your TV’s built-in speakers. Most wireless soundbar speakers offer a clear sound, a nice bass quality, and a broad functionality. Moreover, such devices are compact, lightweight and can be easily wall-mounted.