5 Best Bluetooth Record Players & Turntables In 2018


If you are either an old fan or a young fan of vinyl players, you can recall the very same vinyl records and those old turntables. But you live in 2018, they are no longer in fashion, besides, a lot of efforts will be spent, as well as money, to bring the vintage in a nice working order.

We suggest that you feel the nostalgia of the past and enjoy the best music with our record players and turntables. Not only do they have a stylish design, they’re also equipped with many useful features, and most importantly, the Bluetooth connection, so there’s no need for messy wired connections. Convenient, isn’t it?

Audio Technica AT-LP60WH-BT Bluetooth Wireless Turntable

Audio Technica AT-LP60WH-BT Fully Automatic Bluetooth Wireless

If you want to get (back) into vinyl, but you do not have much time and energy to put all the gears together, then feel free to choose our top-rated Bluetooth turntablе Audio Technica AT-LP60WH-BT Bluetooth Wireless Turntable.

The player is definitely worth being a start point for beginner vinyl collectors: it’s easy to use, since its fully automatic – you don’t have to worry about where to place the needle because it automatically starts the record for you and knows where to place it, besides, adds a sophisticated look to a living space and works great with a growing LP’s collection as well.

Featuring great possibilities of this vinyl player, up to eight pairs of headphones, speakers or other devices that support Bluetooth connectivity can be stored in the memory. The sound is beautiful, you won’t be frustrated.

Why we like it

We do like this turntable because of its sound which isn’t possible to customize. But what you get for the money you paid is pretty good to pay attention at.

  • Looks cool and modern.
  • Has decent sound quality for its price.
  • Automatic starting/stopping feature is perfect.
  • There’s a risk to go in love with this masterpiece.


Does it plug into a computer in order to burn CD’s?
No, it does not, there is no USB out.

Can i send music to this unit from an iphone via bluetooth and have it play through attached speakers?
Yes, as long as the attached speakers are powered speakers.

What are the dimensions?
14 X 14 X 4 inches.

ION Audio Air LP with Bluetooth-Enabled Speakers

ION Audio Air LP 3-Speed Belt-Drive Wireless-Streaming Turntable

Let us introduce a review of our brand new Bluetooth compatible ION Audio Air LP with Bluetooth-Enabled Speakers. Despite Bluetooth facilities, convenient connections of Bluetooth enabled turntable are a big deal: there is 1⁄8 inch additional input that allows you to connect other non-Bluetooth equipment, like a cassette player, and wirelessly send their sound to the speaker via transmitter as well.

It happens that you fall asleep while listening to the classic or relaxing audio? No longer a problem! Once the Autostop button is turned on, the platter will stop spinning when the track is end. We bet you aren’t gonna find any best Bluetooth record players with such a large set of features for that price, all in one!

Why we like it

We love this Bluetooth turntable with speakers for its simplicity, “super-glassy” design, and a pack, full of useful features and possibilities for the users to integrate with multiple different devices.

  • Good starter player.
  • Easy enough to synchronize and set up.
  • There are fingerprints on the lid.


Is the tone arm adjustable?
The ION Audio Air LP does not have an adjustable tone arm. The tone arm is optimized and professionally engineered to provide optimal playback and sit perfectly in the groove to give the highest quality recording.

Does this turntable have a built-in preamp?
There is no speaker or preamp.

Are there speakers built in or do I need to buy separate speakers?
You will need a power amp as well as separate speaker unless you plan to use the blue tooth option only.

Akai Professional BT100

Akai Professional BT100 Belt-Drive Turntable with Bluetooth Streaming & DC Motor

Most likely, you’re going regret if you don’t take a closer look at the all in one turntable Akai Professional BT100. Acai record player proposes you all articles of daily necessity aimed to provide you years of adorable melody and stability in work: a silent belt-drive mechanism, a flat low-mass tonearm and a dual-moving cartridge for accurate tracking of the record.

Following the modern customs and principles, Bluetooth ability of this top rated Bluetooth turntable makes it easy-peasy to fully take pleasure of vinyl on your beloved Bluetooth enabled speaker/speakers. Wanna save your favorite old premium LP’s tracks? Given turntable can’t help but show off its capability of USB port to convert records into files on your PC.

Why we like it

For its quality of the inner structure and making the music.

  • Built-in switchable phono pre-amplifier.
  • Dust cover helps keep it clean.
  • Ability of converting records.
  • Wood grain finish looks much less dramatic than in the pictures.


Is there a place for headphones?
Yes, there is, it’s located in the front of the turntable with its own volume switch.

Will I be able to enjoy the records right away, or will I need to connect speakers?
You definitely need speakers but you can connect to any Bluetooth listening device.

Does the turntable come with the needle?
Yes, it comes with a needle.

JORLAI Vinyl Bluetooth Record Player

JORLAI Rechargeable 3-Speed Vinyl Record Player Bluetooth Turntable with Built-in Stereo Speakers Support Vinyl-to-MP3

If you are such a type of person who can’t last even an hour without his favorite music, then portable turntable JORLAI Vinyl Bluetooth Record Player is the best from our reviews we are able to propose.

As portable Bluetooth turntable is equipped with a rechargeable battery, and also is made in briefcase-style, from now on, there is no longer any need for any wires and sockets, you can take the player with you either to the picnic or at the travel, overall, anywhere.

This unique all in one portable turntable with Bluetooth is a mix of the retro and modern technologies that support maximum 78 RPM speed, able to transform vinyl into wav or mp3 files on your computer, so it definitely will come in handy and surprise your friends.

Why we like it

Because of its lightness and really adorable design.

  • Multi-function.
  • Portable.
  • Adorable design.
  • Сolor is slightly too bright.


Does it have a plug in for headphones and speakers?

Does this have a headphones port?
Yes, it does.

What are the size dimensions of this product?
13.4 x 10 x 4.9 inches.

Musitrend Portable Turntable

Musitrend Bluetooth Turntable Portable Suitcase Vinyl Records Player with Built-in Speakers

The vinyl player Musitrend Portable Turntable is the best if you’re going for an old-school vibe. It has lots of features, that’s why it’s more universal than just a player with the Bluetooth output. This model attracts of its wood and golden accents, it looks exactly like on the pics and feels like it’s made of real wood.

The player is very compact and great for people who are constantly on the go(comes with a battery 2100mA). Secondly, it hasn’t got any connectivity issues with connecting to Bluetooth, to the speakers.

Speaking about functionality, three speeds and streaming music from your phone are available. Last but not least, the sound is neat and clear, your ears will estimate that. Absolutely must have!

Why we like it

Because this vinyl is a sort of device ordinary person needs: creative design, functionality and nothing superfluous.

  • Sound quality is amazing.
  • It has recording capabilities.
  • Headphone jack for private listening.
  • Not found.


What is the diameter of the turntable?
The size is 9.84 x 13.7 x 4.52 inch.

Can the needle be replaced?
Yes! It even comes with a spare needle.

Does the top come off?
No, it doesn’t.

Reasons You Should Choose a Bluetooth Record Player?

For a long time, vinyl records have been accompanying humanity with changing popularity. In 2018, of course, this is not very common, most prefer more modern devices. But, nevertheless, there are a number of reasons why you should choose a Bluetooth Record Player.

Remember the old days, when to get a record, it was necessary to face a real quest. Old people with a smile in their eyes remember the times of their youth, so any vinyl player for them is not just music, but an object of reverie. This is the first reason.

There are no people who wouldn’t admire the Wild West America, the era, which is famous for its romantic, and in which everyone would like to be, of even for a day. You know vinyl is a kind of a time machine – imagine yourself sitting in the evening, smoking a cigar, listening to the voice of Armstrong – isn’t that cool, huh? Especially when the player is stylish, compact, with the support of Bluetooth…

There’s something in this when one of your friends comes to the shelf with your collection of vinyl plates and asks to put something on. Plus, it’s also romantic. Imagine quite evening, candles, your love, and you, gently putting the plate under the needle of the turntable…that’s enough.

And of course, how not to remember about the parents. A vinyl player with a bunch of features and Bluetooth output is perfect as a gift to mom with a dad or to grandma with a grandpa. Present them at least a couple of minutes back in the time of their youth – they will definitely be happy.