Edifier S1000DB Bookshelf Speakers Review – That’s What You Need

Updated: 31 August 2018

Some of the speakers sold are not fit for family usage due to the high sounds produced, and the specifications of the speaker. You can buy various speakers due to one feature in it that interests you. But, we chose this model due to the positive reviews and its all in one feature.

The descriptions below give you enough reason to go for Edifier S1000DB Bookshelf speakers. More so, its capability to connect TV and PC’s game console makes it perfect for your kids. Making this choice you can pay attention to the following;

Features of Edifier S1000DB

  • Bluetooth Connectivity. Its connectivity is of 4.0 aptX, thus enabling streaming of quality sounds wirelessly. Hence, you can operate it at your own comfort.
  • Optical and AUX Inputs. The bookshelf speaker is designed to attach more compatible professional speakers, which can be attached once to multiple sources. This is an added advantage if you are connecting your TV and PC at same time.
  • Convenient design. They have a 5.5-inch subwoofer which is designed with digital sound processing technology, to produce an RMS of 120 watts for quality sound. The technology involved enables the speaker to produce a deep base sound favorable for your surrounding.
  • Remote control. It comes with a remote control that helps control the volume level of the speaker, and also switch input sources. All that can be done at your comfort hence making it a convenient design.
  • Warranty. The bookshelf speakers have a warranty of 2 years in Canada and the USA. You are guaranteed with some free parts for repair thus reliable. More so, you are assured of high-quality production on the devices produced.

Pros & Cons

  • Extra parts. It is one of the best information for the product as the manufactures guarantee a high-quality device, and also gives you a side hassle-free spare parts for the device. That is, in case anything goes against your expectations.
  • Connecting Cables. It comes with free 16 foot/5 meter connecting cables thus reduces your budget of buying more cables.
  • No receiver needed. Most speakers require receivers to connect Bluetooth. But with Edifier S1000DB bookshelf speaker, you only need to plug in to create a connection.

Edifier S1000DB has no subwoofer line out. It produces audio sound by their own hence it’s not necessary to add a subwoofer. But if you want it added, it is advisable you connect it parallel to the speakers.

Quadraphonic sounds is not an alternative for Edifier S1000DB. It does not allow connection of more speakers to Bluetooth as its designed to only connect to one source.

Also, it has no battery as it is built with hard-wired speakers, and needs to be plugged into an outlet. Its discouraging part is when the power is off, it means you won’t listen to any music.


From the descriptions above, it is clear that Edifier S1000DB can be used for offices and your home due to its salient features. The sound produced depends on how high r low you want it to be, hence easier to manage.

Sonic, one of the tragic victim of impulse compares Edifier with other speakers and is so happy with the difference she experienced. She says ” they sound great with everything i have thrown at them… TM, XM, or Tuneln. Really happy with them.”