Epson Home Cinema 3020 Review

Epson Home Cinema 3020 1080p

Epson Home Cinema 3020

  • Good image contrast, with deep blacks and bright whites.
  • The 2300 lumens of brightness allows for a crisp, detailed image.
  • Supports 3D.
  • 2D to 3D conversion will allow you to enjoy your favorite movies in the new aspect.
  • Comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses.
  • 2 built-in speakers, which contribute to this projector’s portability.
  • Sleek and relatively compact design, will easily fit into any interior.
  • Nicely made, has some weight to it and features high-quality parts.
  • Supports HD resolution and works with different video sources, including Blu-ray movies.
  • Numerous connection options allow for a flexible use (HDMI, composite RCA, VGA, audio, USB).
  • Durable lamp bulb (4,000 hours in the regular mode and 5,000 hours in the Eco mode).
  • Good 2-year warranty.
  • Manual focus and zoom, which means you might spend a lot of time adjusting the image.
  • The projector fan is quite loud, and some customer reviews even state that it tends to be rather distracting when watching movies.
  • Not suitable for smaller rooms and short throw distances (unless you plan to watch videos on a small screen).
  • Many reviews claim that the built-in speakers are not powerful enough for an immersive experience; however, the projector features audio outputs, so you can connect your sound system to it.

Epson Home Cinema 3020 is a 1080p home theatre projector, which you can use to enjoy high-quality videos and 3D movies without leaving your house. So, if you are looking for a 3D projector that can take your home entertainment to a new level, you should definitely consider this model by Epson.

Featuring a 2D to 3D conversion, this 3LCD projector will allow you to enjoy your favorite movies in a new format. It also comes with Epson RF 3D glasses, so you don’t have to worry about getting yourself a pair.

Epson Home Cinema 3020 features the color and the white brightness of 2300 lumens (each). It delivers a crisp, bright, and accurate image, offering very realistic and true-to-life colors. Moreover, it has the 1080p native resolution (1920 x 1080), supporting high-quality video sources, for instance, DVDs and Blu-ray movies.

With the contrast ratio of 40,000:1, this 3020 Cinema projector by Epson can offer you a nicely balanced image, with deep blacks and vibrant, bright whites. The manual contrast adjustment is also possible, which means you can set the desired image quality (which you can’t do at the movie theatre). The native aspect ratio of this projector is 16:9, which is standard for the majority of modern movies and videos.
This 3LCD projector is quite powerful (given its compact size) and can handle the screens up to 300 inches. However, keep in mind that it features manual zoom and focus, which means you might have to spend some time adjusting the image.

This model also features 2 built-in speakers that deliver a decent sound quality for your movies. Even though they might not be enough for more demanding users (especially those who enjoy the surround effect), they allow for portability. If you want to take the projector to your friend’s house to play video games, for example, there is no need to bring the speakers too.

Our Verdict

Epson-Home-Cinema-3020-1080pThis is a great projector for the money. Despite a couple of minor issues, it can offer you hours of home entertainment, enjoying a high-quality image and transforming your favorite movies into the 3D format. You might need to connect the external speakers (to improve the sound and block the fan noise) and spend some time adjusting the focus, but it will be worth it.