KEF Q350 Bookshelf Speakers Review – Modern & Classic Design

Updated: August 2018

KEF Q100 Bookshelf Loudspeakers

KEF Q350


  • Offer a very detailed sounding at all frequencies.
  • Provide a deep, strong bass even without a subwoofer.
  • Combine sophistication and modernism in design.


  • Quite large for bookshelf speakers.
  • Sound too boomy when placed close to the wall.
  • Take a long time to break in.
  • Quite pricey, but you get what you pay for.

The Q series by KEF tend to receive the highest ratings and a lot of praise, and this piece is not an exception. The KEF Q350 loudspeakers feature a unique design that combines modern minimalism and classic elegance. Each bookshelf speaker also packs a winning combination of high-quality components.

This model features a 6.5-inch Uni-Q driver array, which has experienced some changes compared with the previous Q speakers. The new tweeter has the loading tube design, which results in an enhanced performance, especially at lower frequencies.

The front port is now located at the back. Consequently, the sound doesn’t leak through it at midranges and remains crisp, detailed, and directed towards the listeners. Moreover, this allows the driver array to be placed right in the middle of each KEF speaker, which creates a larger soundstage with an impressive stereo clarity and reduced internal resonance.

The loudspeakers come in classic black and white matte finishes (vinyl). The optional magnetic grilles will allow you to hide the driver for a more discreet, sleek look.

Who It’s For

The Q350 by KEF can be used as a small sound system for a medium-sized room or as a part of an audio system in a larger room. They deliver a more detailed and crisp sound, which makes these speakers an ideal option for people who need to expand their stereo setup for a more multidimensional sounding.

The KEF monitors will also be right for someone who has enough of free space for them. If you live in a small apartment with lots of furniture, these speakers won’t be able to show you their best. Therefore, this will be a waste of money for you.


We absolutely love how this model performs at various frequency ranges. It offers a very smooth, warm, and accurate sounding at mids. The highs are crisp but not overly articulate, so the sound won’t irritate your ears when being played loudly. As for lows, they are rich and heavy without being exceedingly boomy (unless you place the speakers right next to the wall, which we highly advise against).

We also cannot omit to talk about design in this review. The monitors combine elegance with a very sleek, contemporary look. They seem compact despite being 23.5 inches tall. This model will fit into almost any interior, which makes it a rather versatile equipment.

These loudspeakers can also impress you with their bass response at low frequencies. They are very powerful. The bass sounds deep and rich, so you might even use the speakers without a subwoofer, keeping in mind the type of music you enjoy.


We recommend not placing these speakers close to the wall. Many customer reviews show that the KEF Q350 need space in order to sound great. When being “blocked” by walls, they are too boomy.

Also, prepare to wait quite some time until they break in. This might take approximately 80-100 hours.

Finally, even though this model is presented as a bookshelf one, it might actually be too large for your shelves or work table.

Our Verdict

KEF-Q100-Bookshelf-LoudspeakersYou might spend some time figuring out the best position for these speakers and waiting for them to break in, but the outcome will pleasantly surprise you. They perform exceptionally good, delivering a very natural and detailed sound.