Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speakers Review – Simple Yet Powerful Set

While looking for bookshelf speakers fitting for your small office or room space, you may end up buying a crap.

Getting real sound from a compact speaker might give a hard time, but Klipsch R-15M can save the day for you. It comes with the latest sound technology that makes it stand out.

Features of the Klipsch R-15M

Klipsch speaker is designed to give you powerful sound within a small package. It comes with astounding features that give it an edge over other bookshelf speakers.

  • The Top-Notch Tractrix Horn Design: This speaker comes with 90×90 Tractrix Horn tech. The Tractrix horn is coupled with an aluminum tweeter to deliver the most stupendous sound response. With this design, it produces the cleanest and most natural possible sound.
  • The Linear Travel Suspension Tweeter: It features a Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) tweeter. The tweeter is carefully designed to minimize distortion and provide an enhanced detailed performance. The injection molded graphite (IMG) woofer is copper-spun. It makes the speaker a highest efficiency speaker. With this feature, it can deliver a remarkably low-frequency clean sound with minimal distortions and cone breakup.

This feature is not common among bookshelf speakers.

  • The IMG Woofer: The IMG woofer is extraordinarily lightweight. But it is exceptionally rigid. This enhances a low-frequency response with minimal cone breakups and distortions.
  • The Rear-firing Port: The rear-firing port is perfectly compatible with the cabinet and drivers. It comes with a precisely flared design. The flared design minimizes turbulence at both high and low frequencies.

Furthermore, it features 5-way binding posts that offer a maximum flexibility when it comes to connections.

  • Dimension and Weight: It is 8.1 by 7 by 12.5 inches in size, and it has a weight of 10.3 pounds.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact and Lightweight: This speaker is convenient to carry. The compact size makes it fitting for the bookshelves.- Easily portable: Since it is not heavy and it is small in size, it can be transported in car trunks with ease.
  • Convenient to set up: No pro or tech knowledge is required to set it up. Once you connect it, a little adjustment will give you what you want.
  • Delivers great sound: The quality of the sound that emanates from this speaker is rich and soothing. Be it bass or treble, you will get the actual sound quality you want. So it could serve as a monitor speaker Interesting phono input: It comes with the phono input that boosts the signal. This input offers RIAA equalization, which restores the original sound.
  • Worths its weight in gold: With Klipsch speaker, you will have the value you want for the cost price.

The major drawback is that you may have to look for a beefier amp to get the best from it while partying in a large room. Moreover, it may not last as expected but in rare cases.


Customer reviews commented that it might not sound great immediately out of the box, but with little adjustments, you will be rewarded for the price. Another customer said that the tweeter design brings music and movies to life for him! Customers unanimously commented that these are great bookshelf speakers and the difference is astonishing.

The sound quality and the exceptional features of Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf speaker is beyond doubts. It produces a rich crystal-clear surround sound with depth and smoothness.

It is highly recommended by customers. If you bought this speaker, you will discover that you’ve bought happiness from the world’s best bookshelf sound gadget.