Music Hall MMF 2.2 Review

  • Heavy steel alloy platter.
  • Felt mat.
  • 2 moving magnet cartridge.
  • Height-tonearm and anti-skate settle.
  • 3 vibration silicon damping feet.
  • 2 speed options.
  • High-quality RCA cables.
  • Easy setup.
  • Fully manual.
  • RCA cables are fixed and wired inside.
  • No USB Output.

Music Hall MMF 2-2 Belt Driven Turntable with Cartridge

Music Hall MMF 2.2 Belt Driven Turntable

The Music Hall MMF 2.2 is a direct belt drive turntable with 2 speed options (33-1/3 and 45 RPM). This great record player was designed to give a high performance and a good sound quality in easy way.

This Music Hall MMF record player comes with 2 moving-magnet cartridges and isolated asynchronous motor. The design offers you a height-tonearm, heavy steel alloy platter, felt met, and elliptical stylus that can be removed without any problem.

Besides this, it is equipped with medium density fiberboard that rests on 3 installed silicon dumping feet, dust cover that can be removed and anti-skating settle.

Along with these features, the MMF go together with attached well-made gold-plated RCA cables and 45 RPM adaptor.

In case you would love to connect some headphones or speakers, high-quality RCA phono outputs are featured there for you. But these connectors are wired inside, so there is no chance to replace them. Be careful while using RCA. Because if not, the retire turntable would need to be returned.

Unluckily, the MMF-2.2 doesn’t have a USB output, what may be a downside for vinyl fans, who would love to transfer a recorded music to PC.

The design is surely the one worth to mention. This deck comes in unlike finishes. You can choose the one you like out of three nice options. Classy-looking black finish, high-gloss white or maybe striking red?


No doubt that this model offers a high-performance and is ready to bring an ace sound quality thanks to its advanced design.

The heavy steel alloy platter together with the felt mat adds a great speed balance. Moreover, to provide a solid foundation, the 3 vibration damping feet were featured. The isolated asynchronous motor plays a vital role in blocking vibrations. It also strongly affects the quality of the sound.

Two moving magnet cartridges can play both 33-1/3 and 45 speed options and give a clear, true sound.

The height-tonearm that may be adjusted in accordance to your choice and anti-skate settle are designed to make the sound perfect with two magnet cartridges.

Even with such an advanced mix of features, the player is really easy to set up. The Music Hall made sure of giving a great sound quality with almost no effort.

The Music Hall player is fully manual, what means that you have to follow some simple steps in order to set up a tracking force, platter speed and anti-skating for day-to-day use.


Music-Hall-MMF-2-2The Music Hall record player has shown to be a great choice for quality sound fans and gathered lots of positive customer reviews on Amazon.

On the whole, the MMF-2.2 is a magic device with cool features and good-looking design. The general sound production is full and very vibrant.

Its advanced design, made up of 2 moving-magnet cartridges, isolated asynchronous motor and 2 speed options along with height-tonearm, heavy steel alloy platter, felt met, and elliptical stylus will for sure please you every time you listen to music.

If your main goal is moving your vinyl set to your PC or Mac, I wouldn’t suggest to go for Music Hall player, only because it doesn’t have a USB output.

And also keep in mind that it is not an automatic device and you would need to deal with some simple settings.