Music Hall USB-1 Review

  • Built-in pre-amp that can also be bypassed.
  • USB output to the computer.
  • 2-speed turntable.
  • Simple setup (Out of the box play is possible).
  • USB cable is supplied.
  • Cartridge upgrade is possible.
  • Great looks compliment a room.
  • No damping components.
  • Light-weight makes it less stable.

Music Hall usb-1 Record Turntable

Music Hall usb-1 Record Turntable

Why not go one step further than listening to your records? Let’s encode your favorite music so you can listen to it on your PC too. That’s made possible with turntable models like the Music Hall USB-1.

This model has a USB connection so you can link this to your PC. Now simply transfer the audio to your computer and from there you can listen to it, make it MP3s or even transfer it to your iPod.

You don’t need an amp as this model has a pre-amp installed. However, if you need to you can bypass it so you can use your high-end components. You connect to a sound system via RCA cables.

A pair is supplied but because they’re not hot wired you can use others if necessary. Note the switch at the back that allows you to connect to a line Aux.

The audio itself can come from a 33 or a 45RPM record as this turntable handles both. Records are placed on an aluminum die-cast platter which will provide stable audio.

This Music Hall player is belt driven and the tonearm is S-shaped with an Audio Technica cartridge that’s already mounted on arrival.

It has nifty features for an entry-level unit such as pitch control. You can also swap out the cartridge to upgrade the unit.

This Music Hall product is of average weight at 9.7lb so you can still move it around easily. You’ll need a space of 13.78” x 17.72” x 5.71” to place it in.


Note that this Music Hall model is only an entry-level turntable. Still you’ll get good audio thanks to the high-quality platter and you can control the output with the +/- 10% pitch control. This, the tracking and the anti-skid help to manage quality output.

It’s handy that there’s not much to set up so even beginners can enjoy this model. Most features will be ready to use on arrival.

The audio’s quality is enhanced by the quality mechanical components such as the ball bearing foot design and the belt driven feature that eliminates some vibrations. However, don’t expect super clear high tones or bass notes. This is after all only an entry-level machine.

Note that this will not perform well as a DJ record turntable as the components such as the cartridge will get damaged under such harsh usage. It’s not designed to sustain that pressure and friction.

It’s got many plastic components so you may think it feels cheap. You’ll have to weigh that against the more than acceptable entry-level output. The plastic components also make it very light so it’s not as stable as some other models. This could add to the level of vibrations that influence the audio.


Music-Hall-usb-1-Record-TurntableIn this review we discussed an entry-level unit this is a great example of a good turntable. You can’t have unrealistic, high expectations as the audio won’t be as good as some others on the market.

But its handy features make this a good investment for beginners if you simply want to transfer some old records to MP3s or you want to learn more about them. It’s at least in a reasonable price range and the fact that you can upgrade certain parts such as the cartridge is a huge bonus.