Optoma HD142X Review

Optoma HD142X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

Optoma HD142X

  • Flexible connectivity thanks to the HDMI inputs, which are compatible with the majority of modern devices and video sources.
  • Offers a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080).
  • Supports 3D.
  • Projects on a large 107-inch screen.
  • The 3000 lumens brightness results in a crisp image with vivid colors.
  • Suitable for ceiling mounting.
  • Durable lamp bulb (up to 8,000 hours of use).
  • The built-in speaker allows for portability.
  • The fan is rather quiet.
  • The 23,000:1 contrast ratio results in a dynamic image with deep blacks.
  • Great value for money.
  • This isn’t a short throw model, so it isn’t suitable for small rooms.
  • A few customer reviews state that you might notice the occasional rainbow effect. This depends on the dynamic image you look at and might not be everyone’s issue.
  • Some reviews claim that the internal speaker is not powerful enough to deliver a surround effect, so you might need to connect an external audio system.
  • No lens shift function.

Optoma HD142X home theater projector offers great value for money. Its specs allow it to be used as a part of your home theater setup, delivering a good image quality.

The HD142X offers the brightness of 3000 lumens, delivering a crisp and detailed image with vibrant real-life colors. Such brightness is enough for you to use this Optoma projector even in lit rooms. Of course, dimmed or dark environment will ensure the projector’s best performance, but it’s not an absolute necessity.

This HD142X 1080p projector by Optoma supports the Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), making it suitable for the high-quality video sources like Blu-ray. The 23,000:1 contrast ratio results in a detailed, balanced image. Also, because this projector features the DLP technology, the chances of the rainbow effect are minimal.

The HD142X is the 3D DLP model, which means you will be able to enjoy movies in 3D in the comfort of your home. The glasses are sold separately. The refresh rate of 144Hz allows for a smooth playback and a flicker-free image, even in 1080p.

Keep in mind that this projector is not a short throw one. The throw distance mentioned in the manual ranges from 3 to 35 ft. Therefore, this model is not suitable for you if you plan to use it in a small room (unless you need it to project onto a smaller screen).

This is a relatively lightweight model, so it is suitable for a ceiling mount. You will need to get the mount brackets if you want your projector to be more stable.

This model features a built-in speaker, which is great for gaming and occasional usage. However, if you want a bit more, there’s a standard 3.5 mm audio out, which you can use to connect your sound system for a more surrounding effect.

Keep in mind that once you get your new HD142X projector, you might need to experiment with the settings a little bit. To get the best color calibration for your room lighting, you can get an additional ISF calibrator. This is not a necessity but can improve your home theater experience immensely.

Our Verdict

Optoma-HD142X-1080p-3000-Lumens-3D-DLPThis little guy has a lot to offer, especially given its relatively compact size. This is a great entry-level model for movie enthusiasts who want to set up a home theater. It supports 3D and the Full HD resolution, offering a bright and crisp image. Despite some small drawbacks, this projector can allow for a great home theater setup.