Polk Audio RTI A1 Bookshelf Speakers Review – A Really Great Choice

Updated: 03 September 2018

Polk Audio RTI A1 speakers are among the most low-priced and high-quality in today’s market. We are particularly drawn to their compact nature and sleek modern design.

They also offer the best innovation drivers and broadly embrace the use of cabinet technologies. And it’s for these reasons that they would comfortably make an ideal choice for individuals with a modern sense of style.

Let’s explore further into the RTI A1 bookshelf speakers by Polk Audio review, shall we?

Features of the Polk Audio RTI A1

  •  A 5.25-inch dynamic Balance/Polymer Cone Driver. The use of the dynamic balance is to ensure that the unit achieves minimal speaker distortions for clear sounds. Therefore, you exactly get what you play.
  • Curvy Classy Speakers. We cannot deny that the particular curves on the product are eye-catching from the word go. However, there is still much more to the look. Technologically, the curves also serve as an enhancement to the cabinet by significantly reducing bass distortion.
  • A neodynium magnet. To help cool down the 1-inch tweeter and ensure the heat sink at the back of these bookshelf speakers is functioning correctly.
  • Front and Rear Ports. The model embraces this unique feature to assure its performance by reducing unnecessary chuffing.
  • A 4-inch Plastic Plate. This is meant to make the mounting process easy. It also doubles-up as access to the port.
  •  Two finishes. You get to choose between the black and the cherry outlook. Both of them are attractive and durable.

Pros & Cons

  • Indisputable Sound Quality. At its price, these bookshelf speakers produce an impressive sound quality.
  • Very Portable. Measuring only 12lbs, the model is light-weight, thus doesn’t offer difficult setting-up time.
  • Technologically up-to-date. The bookshelf speakers embrace the use of the latest technology to ensure their features remain top-notch.
  • Appeals to Anyone. Both the physical appearance and the functionality of the product make it a win situation for every interested buyer.
  • Solid Cabinets. Their robust heavy construction assures you of long-term use. Therefore, you can as well make this part of your home theater investment once and for all.

Sometimes the speakers tend to tone-down on their performance rate especially when wall-mounted. We also noticed that the unit tends to warm-up its tone when under low-frequency.

They aren’t the thumping series; therefore you might have to look elsewhere if that’s your priority. Well, it’s obvious that the pros in our today’s review outshine the cons.

And even though you might not get the top booming sound from these units, you will love the well-balanced base from these excellent speaker sets.


We instantly loved this model from the moment we opened the package. They deliver not only the best sound combination but are also good-looking, durable and very reliable.

Most of all, they appeal to almost everyone including those operating on high budgets. After all, who doesn’t want to save a few bucks while getting the best?

Undoubtedly, Polk hit the jackpot with these Audio RTI A1 bookshelf speakers series. And so should you!