Polk Audio RTI A3 Bookshelf Speakers Review – Enjoy Great Sound & Appearance

Updated: August 2018

  • Beautiful and stylish looking, both in black and cherry cabinets.
  • Clear, crisp sound with deep bass and balance at different frequency rates.
  • Have a very realistic and natural sounding.
  • Moderately priced but look expensive and sound on par with high-end models.
  • Require a long break-in period to start performing to their fullest.
  • Very deep, might not be suitable for some shelves and other spaces in your home.
  • The highs tend to sound a bit overemphasized, which some users don’t appreciate.
  • The bass may not sound strong enough if you enjoy loud blockbusters or explosive music.
Polk Audio RTI A3 Bookshelf Speakers

Polk Audio RTI A3

These Polk Audio RTI A3 bookshelf speakers keep capturing numerous users’ hearts with their tech specs and design. Both RTI A3 Black and Cherry look stylish and expensive, offer a number of benefits, and tend to pleasantly surprise their buyers.

The speakers feature a real wood construction. Such cabinet material makes them look elegant. Moreover, it adds to the sound quality, providing a great resonance-free enclosure for the woofers. Speaking of which…

Each woofer in the RTI A3 is a 6.5-inch mineral-polymer cone one, featuring a dynamic balance construction. Also, the silk-polymer dome tweeters measure 1 inch each.

Who It’s For

These Polk RTI A3 speakers are a great option for people who are looking for high-end sounding bookshelf monitors for a more reasonable price.

They are also ideal to be added to your home theatre or to the existing sound system. This model can be used individually for regular listening, and you can expect great performance from it, but only if you are willing to wait and give these bookshelf speakers some time to break in.


We can’t help but mention that this A3 model by Polk looks amazing in both black and cherry cabinets. Such a design adds elegance and an even more luxurious look to the speakers, which makes them suitable for any interior.

We also appreciate that they are reasonably priced but can show a surprisingly great performance, which can compete with some high-end models.

Numerous consumer reports prove that the sound this model provides is balanced, realistic, and detailed. It is bright and natural at all frequency rates and volume levels. Expect no distortion or that dull port noise.


The first thing that might seem a bit disappointing about these Polk RTI A3 speakers is how much time they require to break in in order to reveal their full potential. Expect to use them for around 200 hours before the woofers loosen up a bit and the monitors start showing their best.

Another point you should keep in mind is this model’s depth. Measuring a bit more than 14 inches, such a size may not be suitable for some places in your home. So, unless you plan to place these speakers on the floor, consider their size before making a purchase.

We’ve also noticed that the bass in the Polk Audio RTI A3 is very smooth. Therefore, if you want it to be deeper and more explosive, you might want to add a subwoofer.

Finally, you should know that the highs in these speakers might sound a bit overemphasized. This is not a big deal but can annoy some users.

Our Verdict

Polk-Audio-RTI-A3-Bookshelf-SpeakersWe highly recommend the RTI A3 by Polk to anyone who wants something looking high-end and sounding good for a moderate price around 300 dollars. Give them some time to break in and enjoy the well-balanced, clear sound.