Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers Review – Stylish Black Pair

Updated: August 2018

  • Great value for money.
  • Compact and not overly heavy, suitable for a wall mount.
  • Very nice-looking pair of bookshelf stereo speakers, will organically fit into any interior.
  • More than decent audio quality for such an inexpensive model.
  • Mediocre performance at high and low volumes.
  • The bass might seem too overpowering.
  • May require a subwoofer.
Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers

Polk Audio T15

The Polk Audio T15 bookshelf speakers belong to a more affordable price category, which doesn’t really compromise their quality and performance. Each speaker measures 10 inches in height and delivers a very nice stereo sound.

Featuring wide dispersion drivers and Dynamic Balance tweeters, the T15 by Polk are sonically matched with each other and work together in a synergistic way, allowing for a balanced crossover sounding.

This black pair would look nice on the wall. It allows for an easy wall mount in almost any part of your home thanks to keyhole slots.

Who It’s For

The Polk Audio specs make this pair of black bookshelf speakers an ideal option for a small living space and casual use. Place them near your computer or mount them on the wall next to your TV set, and such a setup will be enough for a medium room or a small apartment.

The T15 perform better at medium volumes, so they are also great for people who don’t need the sound to be exceedingly loud.


These little black crossover T15 speakers by Polk offer an amazing value for money. I mean, you’ve seen how much they cost, right? Well, being such an affordable model, they show a rather good performance and allow for a versatile connectivity.

The T15 also look very sleek with that black vinyl exterior styled like wood. They fit perfectly into my interior, looking quite elegant and not too flashy. They’re also rather lightweight and can be easily mounted on the wall, which will save you some space.

Now, performance-wise, this model might surprise you. Yes, the sound isn’t flawless, but it’s more than decent for such a price. The bass is powerful and distinct, and the mids are very smooth and clear. These stereo speakers can be used on their own for casual listening or as a part of a more complex sound system (as a supplementary equipment).


The first downside you need to know is that these stereo speakers don’t perform exceedingly well at low and high volumes. Some customer reviews prove that while being great for the midrange, these speakers lack some clarity when used for quiet melodies or loud sounds. You might hear some distortion, and the sound overall may seem a bit imbalanced.

Another thing I want to note in my Polk T15 review is the bass quality. It is very distinct and strong, which sometimes is not a good thing. Depending on the music you’re listening to, the bass might overpower the rest of the sounds, making the overall sounding more explosive and boomy.

Also, even though the specs seem good enough to use these speakers on their own, I would suggest pairing them up with a subwoofer for the sound clarity.

The Verdict

Polk-Audio-T15-Bookshelf-SpeakersTo be honest, when I saw the price, I didn’t expect too much from these bookshelf speakers. However, I can now surely say that the Polk Audio T15 is an excellent entry-level model best suitable for small living spaces and occasional listening.