Polk Audio TSi100 Bookshelf Speakers Review – A Perfect Combination of Elegance & Design

Updated: 03 September 2018

The Polk Audio TSi100 is a perfect pair of bookshelf speakers. This product is already topping the list of the audiophiles around the world.

Its wide staging effect and the laser tasted acoustic accuracy make this product an outstanding choice for those who want a larger-than-life home theater experience without breaking the bank.

They can easily team up with electronic components of any configuration. They even deliver a performance the same as the British mini-monitor. These elegant and sleek looking speakers offer an even tonal balance and create a pixel-perfect sound bass for every home and workplace.

Learn its advantages and the disadvantages more closely in this review.

Features of the Polk Audio TSi100

  • Bass-reflex design. This floor standing poly-carbonate woofer comes with a stunning wood grain vinyl finish, sleek layout, rear-firing flared ports, 20-100 watts handles, braced MDF cabinet, keyhole mounting bracket, and many other head-turning features.
  • Silk dome tweeter. The sliced and silk dome tweeter design of this handy speaker provides a composite balance and the real dynamic highs.
  • 5-way binding terminals. The TSi100 weighs a solid 10 pounds. It also provides a single set of five-way binding posts unlike its siblings,
  • Treble performance. The exceptional accuracy and the wide-dispersion of the treble response make these bookshelf speakers truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Dynamic Capacitors. Also, the inbuilt crossover Mylar capacitors of this compact device adds to its thrilling features. They deliver their promises of a profuse keyboard soundscape.

Pros & Cons

  • Crisp Treble Response. One of the biggest plus points of these bookshelf speakers is that it offers a crisp treble response and a remarkable frequency between 53Hz-25Hz with an 89 dB sensitivity.
  • More than Sufficient Bass Belie. Another major advantage of this model its bass belie that delivers a high quality sounding performance when turned on with an EQ/Receiver.
  • Refined Sound Quality. As a part of the highly efficient TSI series, this model too lives up to the promises of an optimal sound staging, refined sound performance, versatility, an even tonal balance and voice-matching for a surround-sound effect.
  • Compact Design And Easy Set-up. With a narrow baffle structure, this pair of gorgeous woofers easily fits the modern space saving epidemic. They can be decked or mounted anywhere, absolutely with no hassle.
  • Entry-level price. Despite a dozen state-of-the-art features and advantages, the price of this product fits every budget.

One of the disadvantages of the product – it can’t deliver an earth-cracking bass-reflex. Most of the customers say, these compact pair of woofers offers a mid-range sound liquidity, a bit hollow.

Moreover, the speakers don’t come with a magnetic shield. Other buyers have also reported about removing the positive and the negative plugs with a bit of a hassle. Finally, the device also needs to be put close to the rear wall for its best sound performance.


The market research suggests these compact and piano-dark bookshelf speakers are for those music buffs who want to bring music to life in an a/v surround. The versatility, the super-clear mids and the expressive highs are already making many Polk TSi100 buyers happy around the world.

According to some, they have already connected a 1000uF capacitor between these devices. It gave them an excellent optimization technique of the 8-ohm impedance and resulted in an unmistakable clarity of the music.

Customers still say the sound quality of these devices is a step below the actual audiophile speakers. But with so many blended technologies, you can’t beat them for the cost and quality.