Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Review

  • DC motor.
  • 2 Speeds: 33 1/3 and 45RPM.
  • Steel platter.
  • Unique carbon fiber tonearm.
  • Anti-skating & tracking weight tools.
  • High-quality not fixed RCA cables.
  • A wide range of color options.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Unclear instructions.
  • Low quality felt met.
  • Fully manual turntable.
  • No built-in phono preamp.
  • No USB Output.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC is a manual belt-drive turntable with a great performance for a fair price.

This audiophile turntable features a DC motor, a pre-mounted cartridge, and high-quality RCA audio outputs. RCA cables that are not fixed make this record player is easy to adapt and upgrade. A cartridge supports both speed options 33 1/3 and 45 RPM.

Along with above-mentioned features, the Debut Carbon comes equipped with 12-inch steel platter, unique carbon fiber tonearm, and vibration-damping medium density fiberboard (MDF).

A unique carbon-fiber tonearm with standard headshell enhances stiffness. The anti-skating and tracking weight tools that are also present assure a solid stability of Carbon DC. The standard headshell allows you to simply change or upgrade a cartridge.

Keep in mind, that this Pro-Ject record player doesn’t have a USB output for a direct link with your PC. But if transferring the music to your PC isn’t your main goal, then the absence of USB won’t bother you. It also has no built-in phono preamp. The phono preamp is vital if you want to listen to music through your speakers or stereo system. That means that you would need to spend some extra money for a phono preamp in case you don’t own one.

Looking for a stylish vinyl player? The model offers you a range of high-gloss finishes. The record is ready for use in 7 unique colors.


Talking about daily use and performance, the Carbon DC is a really good deck for day to day use.

The Pro-Ject Debut deck boasts the sound without resonance and vibration thanks to the DC motor. Also, no motor noise for sure.

Changing speed options from 33 1/3 RPM to 45 RPM requires moving the drive belt by hand, and when the record ends you have to pick up the tonearm and move it back to its cradle. Sounds hard, right? But, for sure it is not. But it is something to make sure you are aware of when you are buying a fully manual deck.

The Debut Carbon setup is surprisingly simple, the hardest part is to follow the written instructions. The guidance is written not clear. But you can always find a video on YouTube with fine guidelines.

For the most part, the DC motor, the carbon-fiber tonearm, MDF, steel platter, great cartridge reproduces very detailed and rich sound.


Pro-Ject-Debut-Carbon-DCThe Pro-Ject Carbon record player is one of the best decks in its price range. This vinyl player has received hundreds of positive customer reviews for its quality, rich sound and high-performance.

This audiophile turntable offers some good features if you are scouting for a deck. It is well built and lends a detail-drenched gloss to vinyl records thanks to the DC motor, the unique carbon-fiber tonearm, and quality cartridge. The weighty steel platter together with anti-skating and tracking weight tools result in a rigid, vibration-free sound.

The design is just cool. Check out all the high-gloss colors up for grabs on the market. You will be surprised with its fresh looking.

Maybe, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC doesn’t boast some notion advanced features and have a few downsides, such as the absence of USB output and built-in phono preamp, but it does offer you stability and solid day to day performance.