The Best Projectors for PS4 and Xbox


RAGU Z400: Best Projector for Playstation 4

RAGU Z400 Mini Projector Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector

Playing in a dark room with this high-quality Playstation 4 projector will turn into extreme fun. The game screen size can be increased to the 130”. You can even do a split screen for versing your friends.

You could also connect an external audio device for increased volume. This will be great for movies or streaming Youtube videos. Because it has the perfect body weight it’s easy to move around to where you need it.

Why We Like it

Anyone can find this handy because these projectors have an uncomplicated set up with a user-friendly menu too.

  • It has a wireless remote.
  • Protected by a resilient covering.
  • Cost effective option.
  • Works with iPads, notebooks, Xbox One, PS3, PS4.
  • Only requires 35W-45W of power.
  • It needs a power connection; you can’t use batteries.
  • You’ll need complete darkness for best picture quality.
  • Doesn’t work with a Bluetooth headphone.
  • Remote only works from the top and the front of the device, so can be problematic when you mount it.
  • No automatic focus features.


How do you get better graphic viewing on the projector for gaming?
The best is to try darkening windows to get as little light as possible. You also need to work out the distance needed for best pixel quality. Trying to focus the lens will also help.

How will mounting the projector affect the viewing quality for gaming?
Firstly it’s super easy to mount since it’s light and there’s a mount support on the base. Then you’ll be able to change to screen angle view for better focus and the menu allows you to play around with the picture.

IDGLAX iDG-787W LCD LED: Good Projector for Xbox One

iDGLAX iDG-787W LCD LED Video Multimedia Mini Portable Projector

This projector has built up quite a reputation on the internet, especially being a good projector to try out for Xbox one s. It has a green lamp which will protect your eyes from glare so you can play longer with the assurance your eyes are safe.

Why We Like it

This good projector for Xbox One has quite an impressive pixel value for a mini projector.

  • No updates for software necessary.
  • Will work for PS3, PS2 and Xbox One x.
  • Can use a USB drive.
  • Need to buy additional speakers for better sound.
  • Can’t use with lights on.
  • Fan is a bit loud.


Is 300 lumens enough or should you opt for 500?
Because international markets use different lumens from ANSI, you can stick with this 300 rating. ANSI is three times brighter than the international type.

Why is this top-rated PS4 projector not good for business presentations?
The mini projector is only an entry level product designed for video games so the text won’t be clear in daylight.

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DBPOWER T22 Video Game Projector

DBPOWER T22 Upgraded Lumens LCD Mini Portable Projector

It offers 2400 more lumens than other brands on the market. A 70% brighter image means you’ll get more realistic pictures. You will love the improved LED source technology on this projector.

Why We Like it

It doesn’t take much effort to create the ideal gaming environment because the room doesn’t have to be too dark to see good images and this unit’s audio is nice and loud. This low maintenance playing is why it’s one of the best projectors for PS4 and Xbox One.

  • Doesn’t heat up easily.
  • Impressive picture quality.
  • Has excellent contrast function.
  • 2400 lumens.
  • Easy to carry and store.
  • Does support 3D viewing.
  • No zoom adjustment.
  • Fan makes a slight noise.
  • Cord receiver for a tripod is too low.
  • You can’t focus the whole picture. A sharp middle section or a sharp outer part will remain.
  • If you’re used to the higher definition you won’t enjoy the resolution.


Does this projector use a lot of power?
It has an innovative LED light and fan installed that are quite powerful, resulting in power usage similar to other brands.

What can you do to prevent the projector heating up so much?
All electronic products build up some heat and this can easily be countered by keeping your projector aired.

DeepLee DP36: Mini Portable Projector for PS3/PS4/Xbox

DeepLee DP36 LED LCD Mini Projector Home Theater Video Projector

Now you can watch your favorite TV series in style instead of on a notebook screen. DeepLee offers 1000 lumens LED brightness and 600 x 480p native resolutions. This means you’ll enjoy exceptional picture quality when you turn the lights off.

It’s also portable so you can move it around easily for an outdoor pool party or football game with your buddies.

Why We Like it

It’s encouraging to see brands cater for all types of customers, and even if you’re not experienced in tech, this menu is easy to understand and use.

  • Good quality remote.
  • Can access operations from the projector.
  • There is keystone alteration on the lens.
  • Height can be adjusted.
  • Will work for Xbox one x, Sony PS4 and PS3.
  • Poor speaker quality.
  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth function.
  • Not great for daytime use.
  • No back legs to help with levelling on uneven surfaces.


Can it show high-resolution pictures?
It doesn’t have a higher definition but overall performance for gaming is good. The native resolution is 640x480p but it does have a 720p/1080p input. So HD programmes will still work but the picture will show at 640p.

How can you improve the sound quality?
Sound quality lacks because Deeplee isn’t networked with Dolby and that copy writer license would lead to a hefty price increase. Enhance the sound with a 3.5mm AUX port speaker.