Rega RP1 Review

Rega - RP1 Turntable

Rega – RP1 Turntable

  • Rega RP-1 is amazingly cheap with a high caliber performance. That is comparing to most turntables with the same price range but with lower quality.
  • Being a manual turntable has its perks. It provides better sound quality simply because it does not have extra accessories or attachments underneath. A hindrance that keeps the tonearm from performing smoothly.
  • The manual feature also is a big factor on your vinyl record’s speed change. According to the many turntable enthusiasts out there, manual mechanism is more accurate than automated ones.
  • All materials used in the making of Rega RP 1 is of high-quality. It adds to the durability and longevity of the turntable. It also helps produce better sound quality.
  • Most of the customer’s review are more than satisfied with the product. A good sign pertaining to how good the turntable actually is.
  • If performance doesn’t meet your standards, you can get the Rega RP1 performance pack. Easy to install and improves the sound quality by a mile.
  • The platter could be better. As good as it may be, it’s not as flat as people would have liked. It could have been great if not for its little wobbling issue.
  • There is no auto-stop option. If you happen to drift off while it`s playing, it will spin and turn continuously unless turned off manually.
  • Users don’t have the option to hook their own cables. The Rega RP1 does not have an RCA connector. The RCA cables are hardwired.
Rega turntables have always been known for being stylish and have the most simplistic design. It may not be a solid indicator of its performance, but it does add a feeling of warmth and a unique appeal across the room.

It comes with a hand-made Rega RB101 tonearm, a low-vibration motor, a dust cover, and a sturdy lightweight phenolic resin platter. The product also features Rega’s carbon.

A high-quality moving magnet cartridge designed for easy installment. Tested to reproduce music accurately than your standard cartridges.

The whole system is supported by a solid rectangular plinth and 3 rubber feet to keep it steady. The turntable measures at 15 x 17.5 x 4.5 inches. It has a decent portable weight of around 9 pounds.


Rega – RP1 is a turntable that can deliver a good solid mid-range performance. That is thanks to its low vibration motor and handmade tone arm.

The consistency and accuracy of its playback surpass most of what its competitors can actually offer. An impressive feat considering there are hundreds or maybe even thousands that are out there within its price range.

A competitive brand that might come close in terms of performance would be from Project. A well-known company that makes high-quality turntables.

Another notable addition that bolsters its performance is the Rega Carbon MM Cartridge. It may not be the best-looking cartridge design, but it can surely help provide better sound output.

It has a smooth delivery and great sound production. To simply put, Rega RP1 is a high-performing turntable for its price.


Rega-RP1Easy to use, simple, and elegant. Rega RP1 is a top-notch turntable with a modest price and exceptional performance. Many Rega RP1 reviews consider it as one of the best budget turntables out on the market. Not surprisingly, the majority of its customer reviews also seem to agree.

The simplicity, together with effective engineering is what makes this product a good buy. Users can enjoy their music without having to worry about complicated setups and configurations.

Coming from a company known for making audio equipment since 1973, your satisfaction might as well be a guarantee. If you can spare a little over $400, then the Rega RP1 record player should be on top of your list.