Stanton T62 Review

  • Easy to use.
  • 2-speed options (33 1/3 and 45 RPM).
  • 2 Start/Stop buttons for Mix or Battle setup.
  • Manual pitch control fader.
  • RCA audio outputs with RCA cables.
  • Removable dust cover.
  • Quality slip mat.
  • Affordable.
  • No USB output.
  • Heavy.

Stanton Stanton T62 Direct-Drive Straight-Arm Turntable

Stanton Stanton T.62 Direct-Drive Straight-Arm Turntable

Stanton T62 is an easy to use direct-drive turntable aimed at every person who enjoys quality sound and looking for a high-performance.

The most striking thing about the T62 is for sure its direct drive DC motor, that is often used by DJs. Such a direct drive design provides a faster start-up time and quick adjustment to different speed options. The T62 has 2-speed options ready to use: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM.

The Stanton 300 Cartridge is really quality one and is pre-mounted on a head shell. A straight tonearm enhances stability and tracking for scratching. Together with 2 start/stop buttons, a straight tonearm is great for mixing and battle setup. Also, 2 start/stop buttons are handy for two-person scratching. This is for sure the feature, that DJs would enjoy.

The manual pitch control fader also comes as a part of Stanton turntable. It allows you to increase and decrease the record pitch by 10%.

Stanton features RCA audio outputs together with RCA cables. But, it doesn’t have a USB output for home recording included.

It features an already installed full version of Deckadance DVS Software that is most often preferred by DJs of any styles.

With all the above-mentioned features you get a slip mat and a dust cover that can be removed. A nice quality of slip mat serves as a good record protection, sound improvement, and friction reduction that is one of the most-wanted features for DJs. While a removable dust cover is a real advantage. By taking it off you read off unwanted resonance while the record is playing. And when listening is done, you can simply cover your device to protect it from dust.

The Stanton T62 weights 16,5lbs, what makes this device pretty heavy and maybe not that handy.


Even lacking of some advanced characteristic, the T62 makes up for it in performance.

First of all, the pre-mounted Stanton 300 Cartridge doesn’t have any problems with high frequencies and provide clear, true sound. So that, the sound quality is pretty impressive with excellent detailed resolution.

Secondly, the direct-drive design allows simple stop/start manual manipulation without damaging the DC motor. It runs smoothly. However, keep in mind that even being aimed at DJs, it does have limitations in speed options. You won’t be able to play 78 RPM records.

In addition to this, the full version of the Deckadance DVS Software works fine for those who like to tinker and customize. But it’s not the software I’d recommend for beginners.

Overall the performance is quite good and you 100% won’t regret checking it out.


Stanton-T62This Stanton direct drive turntable with solid performance is surely one of the best among other affordable decks. Also, it does have a lot of positive customer reviews. I won’t be surprised if you’d be the next satisfied buyer.

The T62 shows a high-performance even with not many advanced features. It is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of time to setup. Thanks to quality direct-drive DC motor, straight tonearm and slip mat, it provides a rich, detailed sound without any vibrations and distortions.

The Stanton designers aimed this device at DJs. However, the lack of some advanced features, such as 78 RPM speed option, a presence of USB output, lift control and anti-skate adjustment.

But even though the quality and high-performance make this product eye-catching for the one who appreciates quality and looking for a high-performance.