SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers Review – Highest Sound Quality & Performance

Updated: 03 September 2018

A lot of people find it challenging in finding decent speakers for their bookshelf. But, there exists some quality you should check before buying your speaker. Which is why we select these bookshelf speakers review to help you as a guide.

This option brings you into a world class quality sound due to its home theater sound systems surrounding, and the two-channel stereo.

This model is designed by use of the modern technology with its premium driver, cabinet materials and acoustic simulations. With this option, you will be satisfied with its design as it fits all the rooms.

Features of SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers

  • SVS Sound match. It is a two-way crossover that is designed with high topology. Its main function is to provide a clear frequency response and smooth transitions between the drivers. It gives you a comfortable environment since all is under control.
  • Drivers. Its 6.5-inch mid-bass drivers made of glass fiber cones which yield its stiffness to mass ratio to enhance the speaker`s sensitivity. It helps you get a clear voice from the device which is an added advantage.
  • Enhanced beauty. They are designed to be very attractive due to its clear features. It has a tonal balance, disclosed highs and low extensions of frequency. Moreover, the cabinet methods used to design it are very admirable due to its tapered edges, and a minimized diffraction at the edge for the best sound staging.

Pros & Cons

  • It is cheap. When compared to other models, the SVS Ultra Bookshelf Loudspeaker is the only model less than 1000 dollars, with all its desirable features.
  • Comes in a pair. This feature enables it to bring more clarity to the voices. It is supported by the drivers which control the bass sounds. This pair if fit for your bookshelf as the speakers can easily be controlled.
  • 45 days trial period. It’s an interesting advantage as you are guaranteed with a 45 days period for trial. In case of any fault on the device, you can take the device back from the purchase place. The offer is valid for customers in the states, but you can get it if you purchase it directly from SVS.

Its subwoofer is best compared to its speaker. These bookshelf speakers are at times very boomy and produce fake sound. You will have to find the right crossover combo and volume. Which means you are the one to make everything happen for the speaker to operate. More so, they are not remote controlled hence you will have to direct it by yourself which can be a little tiresome for the aging.


From the descriptions above, most reviews viewed on Amazon are positive. Which means this Ultra model depends on how you operate.

The best management of the speakers depends on the volume of you play on the speakers. Loud volumes may hinder your speaker functionality.

Mark Colan one of the buyers explains how amazing the model is. He focuses on mainly the sound-stage which he terms it as a fairly close device while listening to them. These bookshelf speakers are one of its kind, unlike other more expensive speakers.