Wharfedale Diamond 220 Bookshelf Speakers Review – Original Design & High-Quality

Updated: 06 September 2018

Some of the music lovers do love having expensive speakers for their household. They believe that cheap things are expensive, especially when it comes to electronic.

Which is why you have all reasons to go for one f the greatest speakers in audio delivery.

Wharfedale Diamond 220 bookshelf speakers are one of the kind, which is also an award-winning model. Some of the salient features we like for 220 bookshelf model is an incredible balance, its tautly focused sound-stages, and the transparency.

Its quality features make it outstanding from the rest of the speakers in the market which are cheaper.

Features of the Wharfedale Diamond 220

  • It has a bass driver of 5.1 inches. Its main purpose is to ensure you get a controlled performance for the bass and treble sounds. The presence of the soft dome treble is to ensure you get smooth and medium sounds while relaxing.
  • A more upgraded construction material. Unlike other models, it is of cabinet construction which is layered, and also has a high made quality finish of the silky material. More so, most speakers come in one color but, the Diamond 220 bookshelf comes in 4 different colors, black, white, walnut and rosewood.
  • Frequency of 45-25 kHz. Diamond 220 model has a frequency of 45-25 kHz which is fair compared to other speakers, thus producing a balanced frequency of the sounds.
  • Presence of slot loaded port. The ports make the bookshelf model compatible with higher and mid-powered amplifiers. Which means more devices can be connected all together.
  • Two inbuilt speakers. Unlike other speakers that come in a pair, this Wharfedale model has a two-way speaker built in one device. It produces a refined personality and a crackerjacks musicality which is convenient for your house.

Pros & Cons

  • Saves on space. The bookshelf speaker only requires a little space for storage as it is an inbuilt device. The material used for design is favorable for wiping, you can clean it if it gets dusty.
  • Easy to use. The speaker is made up of ports which support USB cables and other cables. Hence, you can connect other devices to the speaker.
  • Easy to adjust. It is designed to fit any adjustment closer to the wall. It is made possible as the ports are stored in between the cabinet and the base.

Since it is a two way built speaker, you will need to purchase a subwoofer to fully set up your music. More so it does not come with speaker cables.

In case you want to connect it to a receiver, you will have to purchase the cables by your own self which is also another budget. You are not sure which cable will fit in it.

Also, if it overhangs your shelf, then there is a higher risk for it falling off. That limits you not to exceed two inches will hanging it if you want it at a specific area in your house.


From the customer reviews, a contented customer provides some tips for use as he really enjoys the product. Some of the tips he provides include the use of oxygen free mono-price copper wire, bi-wiring can also be done to increase its clarity if needed, and also pointing the bookshelf speaker at a 50-60 degrees from your head.

The above review is very positive and they are just some of the modifications that the customer made for his speaker.

That means you have nothing to worry about as its price carters for everything, and allows any modification added on it.